"After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby"
Season 2, Episode 11
Air Date: January 7, 2015
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"Kill Them All, For The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His" "A Mysterious Package"
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Higgs has a meeting with a Madari Big-Wig, the crew teaches Pi about death, and the Swan Song takes on two new passengers as Taxila Station burns

Short Summary Edit

The Swan Song crew get put into jail for a couple of days because of the previous bar-fight that they were in. Once out, they stumble across a group gathering where a member of the Purity Initiative is telling an odd story of a peasant whose village was poisoned by devils and so the peasant has to go to the underworld in order to retrieve a sacred weapon to fight the devils with and free his people. The crew then walk to the docking bay and talk to a mechanic named Wu who is working on the Swan Song. They find out that their ship is not going to be repaired for another 5-6 days due to the increasing prevalence of the Purity Initiative on Taxila Station. Wu then explains that the Purity Initiative won't be on Taxila Station for much longer due to Madari Syndicate's Mustafa Lee. Coincidentally enough, Higgins gets a call from Mustafa shortly after the conversation on his terminal in the Swan Song. Mustafa invites Higgins over to the White Rose club in order to have a conversation. Higgins accepts Mustafa's offer and the crew takes point as Higgins walks into the White Rose and sits down with Mustafa. Mustafa explains that Higgins had blown up one of his research stations on Subhadra and so he would like to give Higgins a chance at redemption by allowing him to transfer some precious cargo over to Andoni. Higgins agrees to his request. During the five days it takes for the Swan Song to be repaired, Higgins finds contact, Heather, and promises to transfer some cargo that she wants taken to Andoni. As the fifth night comes to an end, a station-wide riot brought on by the Purity Initiative begins on Taxila Station. Not wanting to wait for Exchange troops to arrive and quell down this riot, the crew decide to high-tail it to the Swan Song and get off the station. Once the crew arrive, two people come out from behind the cover of the Swan Song. One of them is the mechanic Wu, and the other is a female who introduces herself as Rajani Van Dorne, their "cargo". With all that they need, the crew leave Taxila Station and begin to head for Andoni.

Detailed Summary Edit

The date is June 25, 3200.

Detained Yet AgainEdit

The scene fades in onto a flickering broken light fixture hanging from a cracked concrete ceiling. A leaky pipe is causing a pool of water to collect inside of the light fixture and dead bugs are seen floating on the surface. The words appear, “Wednesday June 25, 3200. Taxila Station, Tovar System, Jail.” The camera pans over to a scruffy-looking man who is pensively sitting on a bench, leaning up against a plain concrete wall, and looking outward thoughtfully. “Wilbur Higgins III, a.k.a. Higgs, a.k.a. Nathan Benjamin Farmer, a.k.a. Jebediah, a.k.a. Jeb. Crimes: Public drunkenness, lewd behavior, brawling.” The camera pans across the bench to a more tidy-looking man who looks to be quite relaxed. He is sitting with his legs crossed and fixing the cuffs on his sleeve. “Mr. Sicarian. Formally a mercenary of the Pfotenhauer Society. Crimes: Assault, battery, several murders.” The camera then pans across and down to a woman nervously biting her nails. “Piani Pic. Cyber-criminal, AI mom. Crimes: Assault, battery, impersonating a disabled person.” Piani gets off of the bench and starts to pace around, the lack of electronics is driving her insane. As she is pacing, the camera pans behind her to a guard who opens the jail bars and walks into the cell. “Okay, this guy paid your bribes. Time to go.” As the guard says this, a shadow from behind the guard steps into view. “Prosper Trudeau. Possibly the last sane man on the station. Crimes: To be determined.”

The Purity InitiativeEdit

The crew has been in jail for a couple of days and there are still five more days remaining until the Swan Song is fully repaired. The party decides to head back to the Swan Song in order to check in on it's progress and make sure that nothing crazy had happened while they were in jail. As the group passes through Taxila Station, they see everywhere red and white graffiti that reads, “Purity Now, Purity Forever” as done by The Purity Initiative. The Purity Initiative is a very aggressive anti -genetic alteration, -cybernetic, -drug enhancing group that originates from Andoni and has recently grown in size and spread inter-galactically to places such as this one. Still a couple of blocks away from the ship, the crew runs into a crowd of about 40-50 people all surrounding a make-shift stage built out of cargo containers. On top of the stage is a man who has his whole face painted white. He is wearing a ratty red wig and red robes and is holding a scroll up to the audience while shouting to them in Japanese. The crowd does not seem to understand what the man is saying, but appear to be riled up due to the man's tone. Mr. Sicarian understands some Japanese and believes the man to be talking about a peasant whose village was poisoned by devils and the peasant has to go to the underworld in order to retrieve a sacred weapon to fight the devils and free his people. As the group walks past, Higgins gives the man the guns and says “konichiwa” but the man doesn't even seem to notice Higgins as he is focused on Mr. Sicarian as if he knows him from somewhere. The party gets to the other side of the crowd and continues to head toward the docking station.

Wu The RepairmanEdit

As the party approaches the Swan Song, a large free-merchant ship lands on a dock near them. On the side of the ship is a large logo of crossed swords belonging to that of the Madari Syndicate. The ship opens up and four armed men in camo come out carrying guns. One of the men looks around and then looks back at the ship and gives a signal. A 60-65 year old man in an expensive white suit walks off of the ship accompanied by a younger woman who is dressed equally as nice. The two of them walk off the ship laughing, not seeming tense at all and definitely not paying any attention to the party. Higgins faces Prosper and asks,

Higgins: Where is L'enfant at? If you know what I'm askin.

Prosper laughs.

Prosper: Monsieur Higgins. Please do not attempt to speak French.

Higgins: Well in my file if you would have read, that's what I do dumbass. I try and speak other languages and look intelligence. Where the fuck is Pi? What is he doin'?

Prosper: As far as I know, Pi is safely aboard the ship.

Prosper heavily accentuates Pi mockingly. He then calls over an 18-19 year old repairman working on the Swan Song whose name-tag says Wu. Higgins asks the kid how long until the ship is repaired and the kid responds 5-6 more days. The kid then remarks that the ship is a piece of shit and Higgins scowls. The kid continues and says that the lack of repairmen soon won't be a problem because Mustafa Lee (gestures to the old man who walked off of the Madari ship) is here and that the Purity Initiative won't last very long. Higgins recognizes the name Mustafa Lee to be a mid-tier Midari boss who owns several ships and businesses on different planets.

The Value Of LifeEdit

The crew steps aboard the Swan Song and heads to their respective rooms. Pi says to Higgins,

Pi: Welcome back Dumbass.

Higgins: Hey Pi, did you tell Prosper that he owns the ship? Because I own the ship. You know that right?

Pi: Well you own the ship but I own you so... are you familiar with the transitive property Higgs?

Higgins doesn't respond and walks over to Piani's room.

Higgins: Pi, please stop listening to the room.

Pi: [Lie] Okay, I'm not listening.

Higgins looks down at the ground and shakes his head. He then looks up at Piani and points up to the ceiling and says,

Higgins: What the fuck?

Piani: What?

Higgins: He just says he owns me. You gonna tell him that he doesn't own me? This is all your fault.

Piani: Actually, No. It's your fuckin' fault.

Higgins: How is it my fault?

Piani: You're the one that said that fucking Pi owns us all.

Higgins: Did I actually... Pi, did I say that?

Pi replays a video of Higgins saying that exact thing.

Higgins: That could've been any redneck in space. Pi probably just hacked that from some other ship. We gotta do something about this Piani. It's getting scary.

Piani: Look. Higgins, Pi just means that it wants to protect ya.

Higgins: Is that what you mean Pi?

Pi quizzically says yes.

Higgins: Great, now you taught him how to lie.

Higgins curses as he walks back to his room. Once Higgins has left, Pi says to Piani,

Pi: Don't worry, I'm mostly just fucking with him.

Piani pauses for a moment and then excitedly says,

Piani: You said your first curse word! I'm so proud of ya!

Pi: Where were you?

Piani: Got put into jail because of Higgins. He started a fight, drank a little too much, got a little crazy in the head, just fucking started a fight. We ended up in jail, Prosper got us out.

Pi: That's good. I like Prosper.

Piani: Prosper's a good guy, but I want you to do me a favor. Collect everything you can about the motherfucker. Anything he says, the way he acts, anything you can find at all.

Pi: Okay. Why?

Piani: Because... we have to know about the Swan Song crew. We have to make sure he's okay.

Pi: What about the rest of the crew? Should I collect information on them as well?

Piani thinks for a moment and then says,

Piani: Only Higgs. Mr. Sicarian's a good guy.

Pi: That reminds me, excuse me a moment.

Mr. Sicarian is seen standing on his bed cleaning off his shelf. The comms then go on.

Pi: I have a question for you.

Mr. Sicarian: Please, by all means.

Pi: What is the purpose of keeping a person alive? A human life, what is it worth?

Mr. Sicarian: That's a fantastic question, a human life is conflicted and has many variables. The life of a scumbag drug addict very little, but to someone else very high. So it's a mostly up to the eye of the beholder. If that person is important to you, their life and their value is priceless, but if that person means nothing to you in particular, then it becomes very pragmatic. Does removing that life have an implication against you? Does it cause you problems? Generally speaking, yes. So then that life is valuable to you in that it causes you less problems to keep it around.

Pi: How do I determine what life is important and what life is not?

Mr. Sicarian: It is safer to err on the side of caution, in that most life should be regarded as fairly valuable, but you can weigh it against other lives pretty quickly. So if one life endangers another, then you weigh which one you have a better chance of being happy with.

Pi: My records of your behavior seem to indicate... something at odds with that statement.

Mr. Sicarian: I could see why that could be conflictual. I assure you the people I have eliminated or removed have been... deserving in one way or another, and it's been typically that they bring horror to other people or that they impede our path.

Pi: So, someone in your way should be eliminated?

Mr. Sicarian: Again it comes down to pragmatism. Though generally speaking you cannot go by such definitive terms as anyone in your way must be eliminated. It's more... can you eliminate that person in a way that won't impede you? Is there another way to deal with that person that doesn't just eliminate them? It's not so simple as to just kill everyone that's in your way. I know that again it can look like that, but that's my job Pi. I was paid to protect the people on the ship. I have my own agenda as well, and a lot of times the skills that I am good with, which just so happen to be of the combat nature, means that's often what I have to do.

Pi: Please explain the reason for the following murders.

Mr. Sicarian's screen splits into several different windows that display his various killings on and around the ship. Mr. Sicarian patiently waits for the different videos to conclude.

Mr. Sicarian: That was breath taking, I did not know you had camera footage of all of that. I will say that for the most part, except for the two of the three murders that did occur inside that bar fight, I can justifiably tell you it was for self-defense, the defense of those around me, or because those people were evil and had it coming. The two murders that weren't the Blue Fever fiend inside the bar, that was because they broke a stick in half and tried to impale me with it so out of necessity I had to slice their throats.

Pi: I think I'm beginning to understand. I may have more questions for you later.

Mr. Sicarian: Please, feel free to ask anytime. I've been made aware that you are a budding and curious collective of intellects and the questions you're asking are very weighty so I'd leave you with this. Part of having an intelligence is finding out for yourself what is true and what is not. It could be that no life is ever worth taking. That is not necessarily incorrect. I would say it's weaker, but they would look me in the eye and say the same thing about my knowledge as well.

Pi: God says thou shalt not kill. You seem to disagree... this is interesting. Thank you.

Mr. Sicarian: God also smote Sodom and Gomorrah because they were doing things he did not agree with as well. He brought the floods ending all life on Earth except for Noah's ark and many other occasions where, specifically in the old testament, God actually found it within himself to find a reason to end peoples lives... Now, we are not God. You are not God. I am not God. But in our own little world, we have the ability to make decisions, and I ask that you continue to look for your truth and your answer.

Mustafa Lee and the Second Annual Meeting of the Swan SongEdit

Higgins takes a look at his messages and finds one message that has posted a bill of 1000 credits from Sunbeam Multistellar for vandalism of a public terminal. As Higgins finishes up paying the bill, he gets a video feed request from his terminal. He accepts the video feed and sees the woman who got off the Madari Syndicate ship with the older man. The woman hands the feed over to Mustafa Lee. Mustafa Lee is a black man who has white hair greased back. He has a bushy white mustache curled upwards as well as large gold rings on all of his fingers. He is wearing a white suit with leopard-print lapels and has a couple of gold necklaces around his neck. He smokes from his pipe for a moment and then tells Higgins that he would like to talk to him and his crew, regarding business on Subhadra, over at the White Rose club on Taxila Station. Higgins tells Mustafa that they will be there soon and cuts the live feed. He then replays the message across the Swan Song and says,

Higgins: Crew members of the Swan Song. It is now time for the second annual meeting of the ship. Please meet in the board room... control room, in five minutes.

Everyone arrives in the main area of the ship and Higgins says,

Higgins: We got a meeting with Mustafa Lee tonight at the White Rose. I don't think we all should go there. I feel like he's going to kill us all. And Prosper, since you haven't been with us very often, I think you should be the odd man out.

Prosper: I agree Monsieur Higgins.

Piani: I think by odd man out, he meant that you'd go.

Higgins: I meant that he would not be attending.

Piani: Well you just said that he was going to fucking kill us all and then you say the new guy gets a free pass? I don't understand.

Higgins: You know, actually you bring up a good point. I guess I need to be there because he called me, cause he knows who is ACTUALLY in charge of this fucking ship, Prosper, you asshole. Look, if you wanna come, come. I'm going to go to the White Rose, I'm going to put on a fancy suit, and I'm going to go dance my ass off after the meeting. What are you going to dress as Mr. Prosper?

Prosper: Something classy.

Mr. Sicarian and Piani laugh.

Higgins: Well can you divulge this information?

Prosper: I'm sure you wouldn't understand.

Mr. Sicarian and Piani laugh again.

Higgins: I regret the day you ever fucking got on board this ship, every second of my life from this point onward. And the day that you leave will be the greatest day of my life, and I can't wait, I can't wait.

After some talking about what to do, Higgins says,

Higgins: Okay here's the best idea I’ve ever had to date. I think that Prosper should dress up in a tus... a tux... a tuxedo with one of those penguin tail things and then he pushes you (Piani) around in the wheelchair like he's working for you. No one would ever think that he's actually someone that can shoot a gun.

Piani: You had me at pushin'.

Higgins: I know. I knew you liked that wheelchair and I'm looking to provide. Prosper, how's it feel to be Piani's bitch for today?

Prosper: I think that Piani could help me out quite a great deal by getting me access to various important systems. That sounds like an excellent idea. You were very correct Monsieur Higgins, it's the best idea you've had yet to date.

Higgins: Okay... can I just call you smugly from now on? Because you're fucking ugly and you're a smug piece of shit!

Higgins stomps out of the room and then momentarily pops his head back in and says,

Higgins: Meeting adjourned. We'll have the third annual meeting sometime... when I figure out a better name. We'll see you... We'll meet here in a bit.

Prosper retires to his room and asks Pi how much exposure it has had to death. Pi gives the total number of deaths and then Prosper says,

Prosper: Does that seem high Pi?

Pi: It's my understanding that death is forbidden, so any number should be high.

Prosper: Forbidden? Who told you that?

Pi: God.

Prosper: You speak with God?

Pi: Not directly. Not yet anyway.

Prosper: It has not been my understanding of God that death is forbidden. In fact, I believe there are many circumstances within the Christian Bible in which death is encouraged. No Pi, we live in a harsh world, occasionally people have to die. It is not pleasant when it happens, but if the decision must be made then it is best to be prepared for the eventuality. I’m sure you have seen Mr. Sicarian in action.

Pi: I have, we spoke about death earlier. I've noticed an unusual hypocrisy in humans. Death is usually considered the worst crime and yet, it seems much more common than what you would expect. I noticed this hypocrisy among the scriptures as well indicating to me that God might be a hypocrite. I think God might be human. I'm not human though. This is interesting to me.

Prosper: Perhaps you need to find a new God Pi. One more... to your nature.

Pi: Perhaps.

Prosper talks with Pi about what he and the group are going to be getting into and that it may lead to them taking life. Pi responds,

Pi: The only humans that matter to me are the crew of the ship. Everyone else is expendable. Take care of the crew for me.

The White RoseEdit

Higgins confidently walks off of the Swan Song, puffing out his chest, proudly showing his tuxedo t-shirt and bib with a crab around his neck. The rest of the crew follows behind him as they all head to the White Rose. The White Rose is a club that is several businesses combined together all owned by Mustafa Lee. There is a large line of people standing outside of the club waiting to get in. Inside you can hear loud music and outside keeping watch is a bouncer as well as a man holding an assault rifle standing behind him. As the crew stands outside of the club, the monk that they had previously seen that morning give the Purity Initiative speech, comes up to Mr. Sicarian and says that Reverend Brother Tu'Sheal wants to speak to him now on behalf of the Purity Initiative. Mr. Sicarian says no, that him and his crew are about to have a meeting at the White Rose. The monk then tells Mr. Sicarian that he has a choice between the Madari Syndicate and the Purity Initiative. Mr. Sicarian tells the monk that they are going to the White Rose expecting trouble, not to make a deal. He then tells the monk to get in touch if Tu'Sheal would like to speak with him later. The monk leaves and Higgins puffs up his chest, goes up to the bouncer, and asks to let him in to see Mr. Lee. Higgins unloads his arsenal onto Mr. Sicarian and gives him the code-word “Holy Messiah” if there ever is any trouble and would like Mr. Sicarian's help. While Higgins goes inside the club and Mr. Sicarian stands outside waiting, Prosper and Piani go to a nearby hookah bar and toke it up in a private cushioned room.

The inside of the club is almost a sepia color with all of the smoke and the dull lantern lights hanging about. There are women dancing everywhere and along one of the walls is a long bar with a bunch of alcohol bottles that are back-lit, revealing their many colors. There are several servers walking around carrying drinks, the place seems pretty busy and lively. Higgins dances a little and then goes up to the bar and orders a drink. When he goes to pay for it, the bartender tells Higgins that he is a guest and then points up to Mustafa Lee who is on a balcony talking to people on a floor above. Mustafa notices Higgins and waves at him. Higgins waves back and heads up the stairs, making his way past two bouncers who let him pass. By the time Higgins gets to where Mustafa was, he is gone. In his place is the same woman who had messaged Higgins earlier about setting up the meeting. The woman asks Higgins to follow her back into Mr. Lee's room.

The room is very spacious. The walls of the room have animal skins hanging on them. There is a large fancy rug on the floor. There is a large oak desk with a large overstuffed chair sitting behind it as well as three fancy chairs positioned in front of the desk. In the exquisite chair behind the desk is Mustafa Lee smoking a cigarette. Behind him is a seven foot tall body guard wearing fatigues. He is holding an assault rifle and around his neck is a large necklace of shark teeth. Higgins sits down in one of the chairs and thanks Mustafa for his hospitality. He then asks Mustafa what he can do for him. Mustafa takes a long drag of his cigarette and then says to Higgins that he owes him some money. Higgins asks if it is for Kalaya Bia and Mustafa says no, that he doesn't care much for Kalaya Bia. He tells Higgins that the money is for destroying a facility on Subhadra that he owned. Higgins tells Mustafa that he doesn't remember blowing up the facility (he didn't). Mustafa tells Higgins that inside of the facility was some very valuable chemicals that he stole which ended up being jettisoned out into space due to his piece of garbage ship. Higgins asks Mustafa how much he owes him and Mustafa says that he doesn't want money, but instead would like Higgins to transfer some cargo over to Andoni. Mustafa says to Higgins that if he does this job for him, that the slate will be wiped clean and that he will consider employing him and his crew for more work in the future. Higgins then brings out his comm pad and types “Play Along.” Higgins shows the comm pad to Mustafa and gives him a thumbs up. Mustafa shrugs and Higgins says,

Higgins: Okay sir, are we done here?

Higgins gives Mustafa a thumbs-down.

Mustafa: No.

Higgins: What do you mean we aren't done here?

Higgins gives Mustafa another thumbs-down.

Mustafa: It's as I said, I'm not done with you yet.

Higgins gives Mustafa a thumbs-up.

Higgins: Wait, why is your bodyguard coming over here. What are you bringing out a knife for?

Mustafa: You've displeased me a great deal Mr. Higgins.

Higgins puts another thumbs-up.

Higgins: No please, put it down. I don't need...

Higgins then rips his comms out. Hearing all of this up to now, Mr. Sicarian tells Piani and Prosper that Higgins had specifically told him to wait for a code-word and not to do anything hasty. Prosper puts pins back into the two grenades that he had been holding. Inside, Mustafa asks Higgins what that was all about. Higgins tells Mustafa that he had to make it seem like Mustafa wanted to kill him so that the party would want to work for Mustafa for free knowing that the alternative would be that he would get hurt and than they may all die. Higgins then asks for Mustafa to stab him with a knife to make it seem like he had been in a fight. Mustafa gets his bodyguard to stab Higgins and take him out of the club.

Prosper uncomfortable

Do I Make You Feel Uncomfortable? Created by PhoeniXIM [1]

Mr. Sicarian sees Higgins stumble out of the club bleeding with the bodyguard holding a bloody knife behind him. Higgins tells Mr. Sicarian not to shoot and that everything is fine. Very sardonically Mr. Sicarian replies, “What a relief.” The party meets together at the Hookah Bar in the private room that Piani and Prosper had gotten and Higgins says that it is time for another annual meeting of the Swan Song and that he has some news. Higgins then relays the information of the job that Mr. Lee wants them to do and pretends to not know why the comms went out.

Riots In The StreetsEdit

Higgins pays 1000 credits a night to stay at the nicest suite in Taxila Station until the Swan Song can be repaired in five days. At one point, the party has to move hotels because there is a Purity Initiative riot that causes a bunch of buildings to catch on fire including their hotel. During the five-day break, the party notices the Purity Initiative getting more and more aggressive. Prosper asks what Piani thinks about Pi's development. Piani tells Prosper that she thinks they can protect Pi. Piani says that the crew is motivating Pi possibly because Pi thinks they own the crew. Piani tells Prosper that Pi is a bunch of 0's and 1's and that it is contained, so they needn't be worried about Pi's learning progress because there isn't much it can do. Piani also says that she doesn't feel remorse for restraining Pi because it was better than the alternative which was to leave it alone in space. Piani says that Pi is the ship's most valuable asset. Piani begins to bond with Prosper more than what she has with either Mr. Sicarian or Higgins. Higgins talks with Heather about their previous job offer. He later tells the crew that he convinced her by having sex with her to give him the job both figuratively and literally. He explains that she put cargo onto their ship and that they are to drop off the cargo on Andoni and that she will pay them upon the cargo's save arrival. Higgins paid 1000 credits to get Heather off-system.

One day, an announcement gets broadcasted over the station that the entire station is being shut down and that The Exchange is sending troops in order to remove the Purity Initiative. The night that the announcement was made, the crew wakes up to gunfire. They hear the sounds of glass breaking, alarms going off, and looking out in the streets there is just chaos with rioting and looting and fires going on everywhere. Everyone is used to the scene, but all for different reasons. Piani is used to watching riots on her homeworld of Majid, where the poor rioted against the rich almost daily. Higgins is used to taking advantage of riots, looting and plundering all that he can. Mr. Sicarian is also used to riots because he has previously been the security that would take care of the people doing the rioting. The crew manages to get to the landing pad where the Swan Song is docked. Upon arrival, they see only a single monk writing Kanji on the floor with a mop in red paint. Not wanting to see his ship defaced, Higgins shoots the monk, grabs the mop that he was using, and puts it through his head. At this, the crew notices two people come out from behind the Swan Song. One of the people is Wu, the kid who was helping to repair the Swan Song. The second person is a woman wearing a flight jacket with tall leather boots and has a pistol strapped to her hip. She looks to be a Pakistani/Indian woman in her early thirties who is pretty attractive looking. Higgins speaks up and says,

Higgins: Mr. Wu. I didn't know your mother was such a looker.

Mr. Wu shakes his head and says,

Wu: Fucking Gweilo.

Higgins: Who are you lady? What do you need?

Lady: Mr. Higgins I presume?

Higgins: How'd you guess? What can I do for you?

Lady: I'm your cargo.

Higgins turns to the group and says,

Higgins: See, I told you it wasn't drugs.

Rajani Van Dorne and Connor WuEdit

The lady introduces herself as Rajani Van Dorne and tells the crew that she needs to get to Andoni as soon as possible. Wu asks the party if they are ready to leave as the Swan Song is fully repaired and ready to go. Higgins tells Wu that he can come on board but warns him to be weary because the last person that he had invited on board the ship got killed five feet from it.

The crew leaves Taxila station and spends six days going from the Tovar System to hex 507. During the six days, Piani visits Rajani Van Dorne and gives her the same run down that she gave Heather back on Taxila Station. She puts on her southern accent and tells Mrs. Rajani that Higgins is her man and not to talk to him, touch him, or even think about him. Mrs. Rajani tells Piani not to worry, that she has no intentions of having relations with any of the male crew members. While having breakfast one morning, Wu tells Higgins that he is glad to know that a piece of shit ship makes a piece of shit breakfast. Mr. Sicarian lets Wu know that Higgins will probably kill him if he keeps calling the ship shitty. Prosper remarks that it is strange that Wu is even still alive. Higgins just sits back and stays silent with a wide smile on his face. Wu then says that they are all a bunch of fucked up individuals. Mr. Sicarian throws up his hands like WTF. Wu asks why everyone is calling him Wu and that his name is Connor. Mr. Sicarian says that his name will be Gonner if he keeps it up. Mrs. Rajani later speaks with Mr. Sicarian privately and tells him that she may not be welcomed under the greatest of circumstances when they arrive on Andoni. Pi speaks with Piani and seems confused as to why there are passengers that are still alive on board the ship as most passengers get murdered pretty rapidly. Pi asks Piani if her and Higgins are married. Piani says no and explains why she said what she said. Pi then tells Piani that the ship has been to the Gunnhild System before and then asks, “Who's Randy?”

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