Alice pain

Alice and Pain (In The Ass) Created by Imrooniel

Alice And Pain... Datarunners by Imrooniel

The Exchange usually handless inter-system communications but sometimes - for whatever reason - you don't want your data to pass through Exchange. That's where Alice and Pain.. come in, they'll carry your files wherever you want, no questions asked... For adequate price. Although this duo prefers to work alone, more often than not they have to hire bodyguards or join up with smugglers. It's a curious coincidence - usually data that can't be passed through Exchange is also being pursued by big men with big guns.

Alice "Blueyes"

First thing that you no doubt notice about Alice are her mechanical eyes. She'll gladly tell you how and why she got them if you ask, though it's always a different story. Second, is her valley girl accent and that she talks a lot. Really. A lot. It can get quite annoying over time which probably why only AI can stand her.

AI Pain.. (in the ass)

Pain..'s the AI that somehow stuck with Alice. Everything's hard for Pain.., everything's scary. To be honest, most of the time they seem to be on the verge of crying. Probably that why they're such a pain in the ass to deal with. Whenever Alice's getting annoyed with Pain..'s attitude, she playfully teases that she'll unbreak them. Pain... really doesn't want that, it would be scary. Despite their attitude, Pain...'s actually very capable, aiding Alice with ship operations, data management and hacking. They try to be brave, strong... They don't like their full name.

Ship "Long Johnson"

Calling it a life support capsule strapped to a spike engine would be quite accurate. It's rather bizarre looking; relatively small, bulby as if someone took racing ship and inflated it like a balloon. Covered in various antennas to the point of looking almost like a hedgehog. As befitting of vessel that's primary mission is to transport data as fast as possible, it's capable of spike-6. Rumours say that it's pretech and could go even higher.