Anax One (informally Main Campus, The Annex or simply One) is an artificial satellite in orbit around Anaximander that houses much of the University of Anaximander. It has a resident population of 96,000 and an area of 27 square kilometers at surface level, making it one of the biggest artificial satellites in the sector.

Anax One was commissioned in 3023 by the Anaximandan government, with construction finishing in 3039. It has been an incorporated territory of Anaximander since 3096 and has since largely governed its internal affairs through a directly elected University President and University Parliament. Anaximandan police forces are present on Anax One and the planet's law technically applies but, with the notable exception of the space port, police presence is intentionally low and thus many laws, including those regarding research on artificial intelligence, sentient cloning, body augmentation, as well as libel and censorship and, possibly most notoriously, the use of many recreational drugs, go practically unenforced.

While crime rates according to official Anaximandan records are thus notoriously high, which has somewhat undeservedly given the satellite the reputation of being a hub for criminal activity, internal University studies have found the rates of violent crime to be among the lowest in the sector and attributed the high crime rates to transgressions against Anaximander's libel and censorship laws, as well as those regarding the legality of certain research.

Recently, however, Anax One has seen a dramatic rise in drug abuse connected with the increased popularity of Blue Fever and the Conservative Faction in the University's parliament has argued for a stronger enforcement of Anaximandan drug laws on the satellite, which led to a walkout of the other factions and a subsequent political protest rally on Al-Mualim Square with an estimated 25,000 attendants. Asked to comment, University President Eileen Xiaobo of the ProgSoc Faction remarked: "The Conservatives' attack on the freedoms of Anax One's citizens is absurd. The decriminalization of recreational drugs has been a long-standing tradition in our territory and our belief in our fellow sentients to act as responsible adults has always rewarded us with a culture of pragmatism and mutual respect that I am not going to put into jeopardy over the cowardly pandering of those extremists. Simple solutions have never worked to address complex problems, if you ask me."