In Space


Grid coordinates



Tech level 4.
Baseline Postech.


10,578 km


Partially Breathable mix (Ash and
nuclear dust from the War Mind)


Naturally Temperate, but currently
volcanic and radioactive.


Moderate (0.81g)

Primary biosphere



de jure presidential republic
de facto Military Regime lead by
The General military dictatorship


Unknown (2,000 at best, likely
around six hundred)



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Andoni was an inhabited planet in the Gunnhild System. It was home to a sentient population of an estimated 50.000 people. The planet featured a breathable atmosphere and a temperate climate. Fresh water occured naturally on Andoni, allowing for easy colonisation and extensive agriculture.

Technology on Andoni was relatively advanced for the sector, featuring baseline postech up to Tech Level 4.

Following a peaceful coup d'etat, Andoni saw a change of government, with the Andonian Cultural Protectorate emerging as the planet's new pre-eminent political faction. This action was of some surprise to the interstellar community due to their predecessor the Andoni First party's largely militaristic stance that lead to a number of civil wars around the turn of the last century.

While the Protectorate itself claimed extensive popular support in its stated goals of securing peace and stability, as well as the protection of the planet's specific cultural heritage, some interstellar critics accused the Protectorate of authoritarian methods. Specifically, the Protectorate's policies towards immigrants and Andonis with a non-human or off-world heritage came under attack by numerous commenters, including Eileen Xiaobo, President of the University of Anaximander, who stated that "repressively xenophobic policy decisions [...] have no place in the 33rd century."[1]

Despite all accusations, Andoni experienced the dawn of a new golden era. Due to new policies ensuring deportation of criminal off-world subjects, crime rates dropped significantly and investments in infrastructure and harvesting technology paved the way for a rise of living standards for all true Andonis. The latest polls showed the Protectorate's favourability rating at stellar highs, with 95% of respondends stating they "strongly approve[d]" of recent government actions.[2]

The planet was obliterated by the War Mind, an ancient AI who thrives on war. The Pfotenhaur Society stole him from an archaeological dig before analyzing him aboard a battleship, armed with an arsenal capable of executing Typhoon Epsilon - A planetary annihilation protocol of the Society. He was significantly more powerful than anticipated, taking control of the ship and her drones, before using them to murder most of the crew and destroy the planet.

The atmosphere was set ablaze, and craters now lie where cities were. Almost all life was exterminated. The planet will not recover for hundreds of thousands of years, but luckily a military regiment survived, calling themselves the Andonian Armed Forces Remnant and has created a military base among the wreckage ruled by their general.

The planet is now in a destroyed and anarchic state, other than the zones under martial law by the general and his limited forces.

Health Hazard 4: Fatal sources of radiation found in planets' population centers. Closed oxygen systems and radiation suits necessary. Comms systems and distress beacons unable to penetrate atmospheric radiation, limiting communications to 100m or less. Proceed at your own risk.


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