Andonian Armed Forces Remnant
Andonian cultural protectorate
by dspaceship
Homeworld Andoni
Tag WarlikeOnce per turn, this faction can roll an additional d10 when making a Force attack.
Goal Planetary SeizureTake control of a planet, becoming the legitimate planetary government. Difficulty equal to half the average of the current ruling faction’s Force, Cunning, and Wealth ratings. If the planet somehow lacks any opposing faction to resist the seizure, it counts as Difficulty 1.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 4
Cunning 1
Wealth 3
HP 4 out of 15 max
Income 3 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 7
XP 2
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
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Andonian Cultural Protectorate

Andonian Cultural Protectorate Created by JohnnyT80 [1]

Once known as the Andonian Cultural Protectorate, the Andonian Armed Forces Remnant is now attempting to reclaim the planet after the Warmind destroyed it.

What follows is a history previous to the Warmind's destruction: The Andonian Cultural Protectorate is the current ruling faction on the planet Andoni. Formed in February, 3198, in response to the lack of strength in the previous Andonian government, the ACP overthrew the existing leaders and brought in new laws and regulations that were met with peaceable response from the tens of thousands of citizens.

A large part of the core of the leading body of the ACP have held posts in the government before representing the now defunct political party Andoni First. Many of the main beliefs touted by Andoni First, isolationism, jobs for all Andonians and total governmental authority, have been carried over to this new body now that they have managed to replace the governing body entirely with their own system, the Protectorate.

Rise of the Andonian Cultural ProtectorateEdit

Even though the government had been in a relatively longstanding era of peace, an unexpected coup d’etat rose in headlines across the systems when many of the elected officials and congressmen wrote bills aimed at authoritarian reform, undoubtedly under the guide of the military, before being removed from office. The coup had almost no deaths during its 2-month course from February of 3198 to April, and with no major backlash from citizens. “Andoni for Andonians!” was the rallying cry amongst the ACP party and its quickly-established political base, which passed sweeping legislation across the board, from increases in the defense budget to larger export restrictions.

Andonian Cultural Defense Fleet Edit

One of the largest actions the ACP has taken since its inception was the acquisition of the Cultural Defense Fleet, a vast array of both AI-operated and manned vessels orbiting Andoni and forming a tightly-knit blockade. The fleet has so far served as a defense network around the planet to “protect Andonians from external powers and their influence on our society.”

Infrastructure Edit

Andoni’s planetary infrastructure has been renowned in Gunnhild for the incredible focus of the government’s management of resources. The most recent public Andoni census from 3195 found that over 80% of their cities’ surface area is connected via CCTV to the federal observation database, as well as quantifying a large percentage of the population as state employees. These numbers were reflected well considering the polished and united architecture that Andoni’s buildings and road networks give off.

The Andoni Police Force is well supplied as a result of the new regime, from ground vehicles, to hovercraft, to unmanned combat drones. In addition, their network is connected to the government’s citizenship and immigration admissions network.

Questionable Treatment of Citizens Edit

Many of the system’s neighboring governments and interstellar news organizations have criticized the ACP’s treatment of its lower-class citizens. Articles first started reaching the public back in October 3199, when reporters from GNN (who had not yet been asked to leave) observed several officers rounding up Andonians - namely homeless, unemployed, and immigrant workers - and sending them to Protectorate Camps under the designation of ‘societal re-education’. The Andoni government has refused any interviews on the subject with brief replies stating that the facilities are following all planetary ethics laws, and that they are there to help ‘promote unity and remove dangerous influences.’