Summary Edit

True AI was an elusive goal of pretech scientists. AIs required individual care during their development, and a disturbing percentage of them had to be “braked” at sub-human levels in order to prevent runaway cogitation on imponderable philosophical questions and the ensuing metastatic insanity that followed. Some AIs managed to attain a human level of sentience before requiring brakes. The less brilliant of these AIs could be contained in hardware no larger than five or six centimeters on a side, usually with integral sensors and vocalization units.

Braking Edit

Artificial intelligences are costly and difficult to create, requiring a careful sequence of “growth stages” in order to bring them to sentience before artificial limits on cognition speed and learning development are installed. These “brakes” prevent runaway cognition metastasis, wherein an AI begins to rapidly contemplate certain subjects in increasingly baroque fashion, until they become completely crazed by rational human standards. This world has one such “unbraked AI” on it, probably with a witting or unwitting corps of servants. Unbraked AIs are quite insane, but they learn and reason with a speed impossible for humans, and can demonstrate a truly distressing subtlety at times.

Notable AIs Edit

Possible AIsEdit

These NPC's are likely to be AIs, but they have yet to be confirmed.

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