Season 1
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
1 "Pilot" July 7, 2014 Link
When the crew gets into hot water on Andoni, Higgins contacts his friend and fellow con-man Randy.
2 "Hell's Kitchen" July 15, 2014 Link
Consequence of one of Higgins' past crimes, the Swan Song is boarded by folk who look to cause trouble. That is, until they meet the ship's cook.
3 "Pizza Fever" July 23, 2014 Link
The crew salvages the Pizza Party and gains an unexpected crew member.
4 "Feeling Blue" August 4, 2014 Link
When forces of the Royal Family bombard an Onintza Libre base, the crew is forced to choose sides.
5 "Paying the Price" August 11, 2014 Link
After acquiring a mission to go to Subhadra, the crew gets intercepted by bounty hunters.
6 "The [Truth] About The VaD" September 10, 2014 Link
The team arrives at Subhadra only to find that the research station Al'Farabi is deserted.
7 "Dots and Boxes" October 22, 2014 Link
Three strangers appear at the research station and the party learns a little more about the indigenous population of Subhadra.
8 "Haphazard Flying" November 24, 2014 Link
During inter-galactic travel, the Swan Song is thrown off course and the crew must be put into an induced coma to have any hope of survival.
9 "Victory At All Costs" December 8, 2014 Link
Detained by authorities on an unfamiliar planet, the crew uses any means necessary to get back to the Swan Song.
10 "Kill Them All, For The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His" December 18, 2014 Link
Higgins argues with an AI dressed as a cowboy, Pi learns a lot more about the crew and themselves, and Piani and Higgins pretend to be married at a local bar.
Season 2
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
11 "After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby" January 7, 2015 Link
Higgs has a meeting with a Madari Syndicate Big-Wig and the Swan Song takes on two new passengers as they leave behind Taxila Station in flames.
12 "A Mysterious Package" January 15, 2015 Link
The party picks up a mission from Rajani that takes them to a Andonian dig-site where they uncover an ancient artifact of unknown potential.
13 "Harridan's Heart, Part I" February 3, 2015 Link
The Swan Song docks with the Pfotenhauer Battleship, Harridan's Heart, and the crew discovers just how powerful the ancient artifact they were carrying is.
14 "Harridan's Heart, Part II" February 16, 2015 Link
The crew discovers Pfotenhauer's true intentions as they team up to try and stop the Warmind from destroying Andoni.
15 "Mission of Mercy" February 23, 2015 Link
Responding to a request for aid, the Swan Song picks up Rajani Van Dorne as well as a handful of refugees on Andoni.
16 "Marital Troubles" March 24, 2015 Link
The crew takes on the task of helping a lady get a divorce in a very unconventional way.
17 "I'm Your Number One Fang" April 3, 2015 Link
Famous musician Nika Starlight performs the last concert of her tour.
18 "You Don't Need a Doctor, Son..." April 22, 2015 Link
An inevitable confrontation with Constantine Fang leads to the concert ending with a bang.
19 "Challenge Accepted" April 28, 2015 Link
Constantine Fang is seemingly dealt with once and for all and findings regarding Pfotenhauer and Titan bring peace to Mr. Sicarian.
20 "Thunder Guns of Olaf Olafson" May 6, 2015 Link
Pi is upgraded for a second time, the crew arranges a meeting with pirate fleet captain Saito, and Mr. Sicarian is trained by the viking clan of Sigrid.
Season 3
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
21 "Hello I am Howard" May 13, 2015 Link
Lucas McCrary and Pi share a secret, Higgins and Sicarian are introduced to the blue people of Thoe, and the crew meets Howard.
22 "Sects, Drugs and Octopi" May 20, 2015 Link
A smuggling operation goes swimmingly thanks to Howard and Higgins pitches the idea of The S.S. Swan Song reality TV show.
23 "The Heavy Burden of Truth" June 3, 2015 Link
The Swan Song receives a long past due upgrade, Prosper gets ambushed by goons, and the crew deal with trust issues.
24 "Syndicated Politics" June 10, 2015 Link
The crew meet up with Rajani Van Dorne expecting Lucas McCrary, but end up finding more than what they had bargained for.
25 "Bad Blood and Falling Stars" June 29, 2015 Link
A Blue Fever manufacturing plant blows up and casualties arise.
26 "Illuminati, Robot Body" July 7, 2015 Link
Prosper meets his maker, Pi gets fitted for a new body, Higgins has a secret meeting with the Luminary, and a friendly viking joins the crew.
27 "You Can't Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms (Christmas Episode)" July 16, 2015 Link
In this Christmas Episode of Swan Song, the party finds themselves stranded on a planet undergoing nuclear winter where they meet a fanatical cult of mutant creatures.
28 "Story of the Dagger Wielder" July 27, 2015 Link
With long anticipation, the duel between Mr. Sicarian and Titan occurs.
29 "Tunnel Scum and the Cyberdudes" August 6, 2015 Link
The crew get recruited for a job by Rajani and Piani runs into some trouble in the Vinayan slums.
30 "Singh Us a Song, You're the Piani Man" August 11, 2015 Link
Piani gets her eye replaced by an ancient, cybernetic one.
Season 4
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
31 "Purity Planet Protocols" August 20, 2015 Link
The crew arrive on Onintza to escort an exemplar of The Purity Initiative to Rajani on Vinaya.
32 "Hypocrisy & Purity" September 16, 2015 Link
The crew makes a hasty retreat off Onintza and Erik learns that members of the Purity Initiative may not be as pure as they seem.
33 "Old Friends in New Places" October 1, 2015 Link
The crew docks with Pitcairn Station and finds that there is something wrong with it's inhabitants.
34 "Randy Station" October 7, 2015 Link
The crew gathers the components they need to create an EMP device.
35 "Games & Research" October 15, 2015 Link
The crew heads to Games and Research to search for access to the station's core.
36 "Learning Computers" October 21, 2015 Link
The crew leave Pitcairn Station and head to planet Kamna.
37 "Vagabond Adoption Agency" November 11, 2015 Link
Piani finds a vagabond taking pictures of the Swan Song.
38 "The Gang Tries to Sell an Eye and/or Genders Without Number" November 18, 2015 Link
Business is ceased after embarrassing themselves in front of the Carswell Combine.
39 "The Slow Droid Penetrates the Blade" December 11, 2015 Link
The crew boards the Fulminate Blade.
40 "The Recap Episode" January 14, 2016 Link
A provision of short summaries covering each episode [currently up to 26].
Season 5
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
41 "Can Anyone Even "Own" A Spaceship?" February 3, 2016 Link
Alpharius does an interview and Piani falsifies ownership of the Fulminate Blade.
42 "The Legend of Brumpo Tungus" February 10, 2016 Link
The crew accepts a job to steal a hyperboat and Brumpbo Tungus is born.
43 "2Fast2Alpharius" February 17, 2016 Link
44 "Poor Loco" February 23, 2016 Link
45 "The University Experience" March 8, 2016 Link
The crew travel to Anax One, where they enlist some students indebted to Rajani Van Dorne to help Erik with a science project.
46 "HotProf69" March 16, 2016 Link
Working for Rajani Van Dorne, the crew investigate a rogue drug dealer on Anax One.
47 "Crystalline Pathways" March 22, 2016 Link
Erik and Alpharius pursue the mission they received from Rajani Van Dorne, while Piani attempts to ascertain the identity of Quia Tyree.
48 "Personal Jesus" March 29, 2016 Link
Erik, Alpharius, and Higgs search for Piani. Quia Tyree arrives on Anax One.
49 "More Than Just a Simple Nightmare" April 05, 2016 Link
Quia Tyree helps the crew search for Piani.
50 "Onward to Valhalla" April 13, 2016 Link
The crew continues their investigation into the search for Piani Pic.
Stories Season 1
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
1 "Los Hermanos Pfotenhauer" May 30, 2016 Link

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