Asgard Sigma is home to many corporations, religious organizations, planetary governments, etc. that try to accomplish their own specific goal, be it expansion, securing their hold on a planet, disrupting other factions and so on. Following Stars Without Number's Faction system, Adam takes control of the major players in Asgard Sigma in a (turn based) mini-game that takes place apart from the regular play sessions (they can be viewed here). The following list provides you with said factions of Asgard Sigma, their homeworlds, and their relationship with the crew of the Swan Song. If you wish to follow along, the Asset/Faction Tracker is here, and is normally up to date.

Faction Homeworld Status

Sunbeam Omnistellar LTD Asa Neutral
Richardson Scientific Society Gunnhild VIII-C Neutral
New Prophet Hoveyda Hostile
The Majid Mandarinate Majid Neutral
Onintza Libre! Onintza Friendly
The Purity Initiative Onintza Neutral
Pfotenhauer Society Pelasgon Neutral
Madari Syndicate Vinaya Neutral
Republic of Cabral Cabral Friendly
Highbeam Fleet Pelasgon Neutral
Hoveydan Caliphate Hoveyda Neutral
Disbanded Factions
Faction Homeworld Status PC Alignment
Ximinez Shipyards Andoni Merged With Sunbeam Multistellar to create Sunbeam Omnistellar Limited Neutral
Sunbeam Multistellar Corporation Asa Merged With Ximinez Shipyards to create Sunbeam Omnistellar Limited Neutral
Royal Family Of Onintza Onintza Destroyed while trying to escape Onintza Hostile
Andonian Armed Forces Remnant Andoni Destroyed by infiltrators from the Republic of Cabral. Neutral

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