These NPCs were created by Fans, and may or may not be present in the "canon" Swan Song Universe.

Quick InfoEdit

  • Alice and Pain - They'll carry your files wherever you want, no questions asked.
  • Eileen Xiaobo - An Asgardian musician, politician, author, philosopher and mathematician who is currently President of the University of Anaximander and Anax One.
  • Eva Godwon - An Hoveydan musician, music critic and author who is currently operating a famous music based website in the planetary systems of Gunnhild, Vafa'i and Na'imi.
  • Jebediah Salt - A thinner general Custer without the mustache and a finely pointed goatee.
  • Jon Rasmussen - An Andonian-born Anaxian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work as lead vocalist of Anaxian prog-rock band Dethro Dull.
  • Picah Chariza - An Aeetian-born cultural theorist and sociologist who lives and has worked at Anaximander since 3151.
  • Ramirez al-Mualim - The creator of the first working spike drive in the time after the Scream and the founder of the University of Anaximander.

Bounty Killers of Asgard Sigma, v1 by kentkomiks

BountyKillers SwanSong

The Swan Song crew seem to have hit a certain level of notoriety with most major factions. They’re targets, and these psychos want a piece of that action. 1d4+1 of them are probably working together—for now. Each listed with their personal spacecraft. 50% chance they heard of the Swan Song crew from Jared Crane (of "Who the fuck is Jared Crane?" fame)

  • Lord Duke Jessup, of The Tiny Dancer. Dispossessed Asan noble, a proper “southern gentleman” now seeking to regain his fortune through bounty hunting. Once held a wealth of stock in Sunbeam Multi-(now Omni) stellar, but was cheated out of it by his then-fiancé, Lord Zechariah Blunt, days before the company’s merger.
  • Mr. Mercy and Ms. Nightmare, of The Reasons Unknown. Ex-soldiers dishonorably discharged from the Pfotenhauer Society for cowardice and cruelty, respectively. He’s a technical genius who prefers staying behind the scenes; she’s a bloodthirsty and sadistic monster on the battlefield. He loves her beyond reason and she quite often forgets he exists.
  • Capt. Hellebore Vickers, of The Soft Option. Freewheeling and ruthless space mercenary who is as untrustworthy as she is charming. Is herself wanted by many factions, and seeks to appease her pursuers—or at least defer their rage—by taking out their bigger targets for them. (Think a female Higgs)
  • Antero Archer, of The Fulminate Blade. Dashing Andonian rogue who claims to have escaped a Cultural Defense Prison, but he is a simple refugee who survived the Fall of Andoni at the cost of his loved ones. Uses loud and flashy attacks to announce his presence, possibly representing a deathwish. His heart is not truly in hunting, and can be persuaded to let his targets escape.
  • Emiko “Empress” Takahashi, of The Mikado. Veteran Onintzan mercenary enhanced with cybertech and pretech anagathics, which render her nearly ageless. Employs a cult-like support staff who wear gold robes, strange (New Wave-y) makeup, and carry monoblade throwing axes. Seeks to earn riches to keep her comfortable in her “Waking Afterlife”.
  • Erebus Lung, of The Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. A serene and contemplative Majidi mercenary whose skin is near black with a dense web of esoteric symbols tattooed all over his body. Certain symbols glow orange or yellow with nanites when Lung is in combat or otherwise physically/mentally stressed. (Nanite tattoos from OtherDust)
  • Renato Martel, of The Slow Hand. Vinayan trophy hunter and salesman who will auction off his captives’ possessions. Covetous of material goods, the rarer and older the better. Uses some antique weapons in combat. Captures and sales fund his severe Blue Fever addiction. The whites of his eyes are a shade of electric blue.
  • Olga “Fury” Furyenko, of The Wounded Pride. A former astro-miner and part-time Highbeam Pirate who lost her sister Ilsa when their dome habitat was destroyed. Dedicated her life to hunting down criminals. Suffers from mild Stendahl’s Syndrome when beholding a destroyed enemy. (But does she know the Swan Song killed her sis many episodes ago?)
  • Fatima Muassar-Longpre (“FML”), of The Damage Done. A meek and intelligent Hoveydan psychic who has the worst luck—ship problems, weapons malfunctions, and such—but desperately wants to be a bounty hunter. Her metapsionics are not that useful in themselves, but she leans on using psitech. After constant practice her TK is beginning to improve.
  • (Agent) Perkins, of The Lady Vanishes. Clean-cut and well-spoken man who claims to work for a charitable organization. In truth a wayward Perimeter Agent who keeps a portfolio of pet projects, financing them with murder-for-hire. Particularly despises psychics after a traumatic childhood encounter, and has a cranial device implanted to block their intrusion.

Faces of Highbeam by Mr_Wopsle

Inspired by a recent post by kentkomiks I thought I might try and help Adam fill the vast emptiness of space with colourful characters.

I'm particularly interested in the Highbeam Fleet. They are a major player in Asgard Sigma, but so far we know very little about them. I'm imagining them to be a less homogenous group than the other factions; rather than being held together by a unifying culture or ideology they are probably made up of a ragtag bunch of misfits, outcasts, criminals, anarchists and assorted crazies - some of which are just a d12 away, for all your piracy needs (and most of them could work as bounty hunters, mercenaries or random enemies, too)!

  1. Akong Sonam Gyatso, of The Yama King. Leader of a Buddhist death cult (the “Yama Upaya”), who believe violent death to be the ultimate release from the cycle of rebirth. Gyatso himself is charismatic and eerily tranquil. Avoids communication save for an exalted announcement of his victims' impending “release”. Attempts to board enemy and swarm them with his followers, possibly led by suicide bombers. Brainwashed fanatics, determined and devout to the extreme. Feared even among other pirates, since for him piracy is only an excuse for mass murder. No negotiations, no survivors.
  2. Aveline Pouilly and The Fool, of The Garden of Forking Paths (formerly The Queen of Swords). Originally a member of the Order of Annunciation, Aveline fled Cabral after falling somewhat obsessively in love with the unbroken AI The Fool. Paranoid, neurotic loner; joined the Highbeam Fleet only as a last resort, since they hire without asking questions. The Fool suffers from serious damage to their personality development, emotional intelligence and general learning capacity, but is a savant with cyberwarfare; able to invade and disable other ship's systems (including life support).
  3. Asteria Xiuying, of The Wolf to Another Man. Former Andonian legionary witnessing the fall of her home planet. Pirates attacked the refugee ship she was on. She personally killed seven of them, including the captain – now she's the captain. Highly militaristic mindset, and a badass fighter herself. She hides her seething, vengeful rage under a facade of cold, philosophical nihilism. Disillusioned with the world at large, human life has lost its value to her, including her own. Her crew is opportunistic and disloyal and may be turned against her.
  4. Brági Sigurdsson, of The Old Boar. Sigridian raider and warrior poet. Prefers 'honourable' melee combat (using his rune-encrusted power armor and two monoblade axes) over ship-to-ship battles; will likely offer an opponent to “fight this out like men”. Absolutely fearless in combat, yet will surrender if he feels he's been beaten fairly. Loud, boisterous, overconfident personality gives way to reckless, unrelenting bloodrage when angered. Fairly lenient with victims who thought bravely, unless they angered him. Working on a long skaldic verse epic about his achievements.
  5. ”Maman" Brigitte La Croix, of The Other Side. Black, francophone woman in her 60s or 70s. Powerful psychic trained in teleportation and precognition. Combines these disciplines to sneak attack enemy vessels while crew is asleep or occupied. Teleports her devoted troops on board, but shuns the fight herself. Carefully cultivates an air of dark mysticism around herself, including her image as a mambo, a priestess of Vodou.
  6. Chrysogonee Heardred, of The Fat Lady Sings. Con-Artist and compulsive liar who relies on manipulation and cunning rather than brute force. Preferably likes to attract victims by pretending to be a merchant ship in distress. Lures them on her ship, where she then surprises them with traps, security systems and her robot bodyguard. Highly distrustful of others; prefers to work alone. Affects a rich, upper-class veneer but falls back into her native street accent when under a lot of stress.
  7. Franklin Tulugaaq, of The Sea of Tranquillity. Small, broad-shouldered man of Inuit descent. Very calm, thoughtful, almost melancholic character. Relies on a pretech EMP gun to disable his enemies' engines and weapons, and then negotiates their surrender. Tends to to sell his prisoners into slavery or for a ransom, or negotiate other terms for their release. Respectful and almost friendly when dealing with a defeated enemy.
  8. Prof. Jamal Guanzhong, of The Uncertainty Principle. Former applied physicist from Anaximander University. Forced to resign over his interest in maltech research. Joined Highbeam to conduct his experiments (they don't much care for ethics). Rarely goes out pirating himself; usually only to test one of his new weapon systems. Uses a varied arsenal of pretech or experimental weaponry. Arrogant, self-centred personality ignorant of most ethical concerns. Strong believer in the inherent value of unhindered scientific progress; firmly believes he's contributing to the betterment of humanity. Despite his intelligence he lacks knowledge of tactics and experience with piracy.
  9. The McClughan Clan, of The Will-o'-the-wisp. Pirate ship operated entirely by a tight-knit Majidi clan of Scottish descent, many of whom have never left the ship. Includes the overconfident nominal leader, Capt. Morgan McClughan, the foul-mouthed 14-year-old communication officer, Iseult McClughan, and the infamously brutal gunner, Granny Bodhmall McClughan. Like to keep on their toes, outmanoeuvring and outgunning their opponents. Won't hesitate to flee when the tide turns against them, but will always avenge the death of a family member.
  10. 'Oxomoco', of The Space Oddity. Little is known about this secretive pirate beyond her nom de guerre, her self-styling in sinister Aztec iconography, and her preference to win without much of a fight. To do so, she uses infiltration, sabotage (sometimes conducted while still on planet), psychological warfare and her considerable hacking skills to force her enemies into submission. It is unknown what she does with her victims; rumours range from selling them into slavery, to recruiting them into Highbeam, to using them as human sacrifice (the latter rumour may have been planted by herself). Sometimes working with her occasional lover, the similarly minded Chrysogonee Heardred.
  11. Mr. Sunshine, of The What Is It Good For. Pfotenhauer veteran who deserted after the death of Mr. Titan. Boyish face, perpetual smile and charismatic, cheerful impression hide a clinically diagnosed sociopath, unable to experience empathy or remorse. Complete pragmatist with no permanent loyalties or higher values. Prefers intimidation and extortion over actual combat. Commands heavily armed stolen Pfotenhauer warship with limited supply of nuclear warheads (largely defunct, but useful as a bargaining chip). Also active as an arms dealer on the side.
  12. Wasana Sukbunsung, of The Free For All. Tough, middle-aged woman of Thai descent. Former sweatshop worker on Asa; led her crew in a failed workers' uprising against Sunbeam and subsequently fled the planet on a stolen Sunbeam ship. Calm, calculating anarchist. Always looking for a way to profit from a situation, while trying to minimize casualties on both sides. Professional demeanour cracks only when confronted with either Sunbeam or slavery, both of which she hates with a violent passion.

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