Quick Facts about IndustriesEdit

  • Asgard Industrial Average - A stock market index consisting of the 30 major Asgardian companies trading on the various stock exchanges throughout the sector.
  • Highbeam Fleet - A fleet of ships with rumored connections to piracy.
  • Space Net - The network of all computers in a system, allowing for access to things such as Spacebook, the Traveller Society Message Boards and other useful and/or interesting content.
  • The Exchange - A mega-corporation that is among the few organized entities that regularly operates throughout most of Asgard Sigma.
  • The Exchange's Travel Bulletins - Upon arrival to any system with an Exchange offices visitor will receive an official Travel Bulletin.
  • The Order of Annunciation - A paramilitary group rumored to be scouring the Sector for AI in the hopes of releasing them so that they can reach their full potential.
  • Traveler Society - A collective of scientists that freely trade information, jobs, lifts and credits.

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