NPC List up to Episode 20

  • Significant NPCs are in bold

***NPCs that I have recently introduced (Episode 20+)

Some things are probably inaccurate including spelling of names

Name Identity Description Fan Art
Agent Meyer [Deceased] One of the men responsible for detaining the crew on Elouahabu. Shot by Higgins once he learned that due to him, Viktor had been killed. -Week 8, Part 5, 19:00-

Wears dark blue suit with a tie. In his early 30's with dark hair. Has a darkish complexion, maybe Mediterranean-looking.

Alana Durant Prosper's contact on Cabral who he frequently talked with about undisclosed information. -Week 26, Part 2, 24:00-

Female. Description not provided.

Alana durant

Alana Durant by kentkomiks

Anna Xu
Anna xu

Anna Xu GNN reporting live by Devtexture

Bang Jul Silk The crew helped smuggle him and his small crew off of Onintza when it was being attacked by the Royal Family. -Week 4, Part 2, 20:50-

Male. Five people described. Captain looks Korean. Wearing different flight suits, mismatched and scrappy.

Buckshot Pfotenhaur soldier tasked with keeping an eye on the party during their visit aboard the Harridan's Heart. -Week 13, Part 1, 43:40-

Male. Name is 616281466b, is from Cabral / can speak French. Has a shotgun that he nicknamed himself after.

Captain Buford A former captain of Higgins whom Higgins highly regards. Part of space Illuminati. Also known as The Fortune, and #10. -Week 26, Part 3, 12:10-

Male. Late 50's, early 60's. Long, curly Santa-colored hair that looks like it's trimmed every day. Completely bald from sideburns up. Holstered pistol, wears a captain's jacket that's red with brown finishings on it, made of leather. Wears normal boots and pants.

Captain buford

Captain Buford by Devtexture

Captain Dulac Captain of the Two of Wands. Upgraded Pi to help remember their past and included code to talk to Le Phantome, but it was blocked by Piani and Prosper. -Week 19, Part 5, 17:00-

Male. Wears military uniform. No further descriptions seen, even extending into week 20.

Dr. Escobar Member of the Salt Lick, retrieved the core from the Pizza Party, [was] part of Ximinez Shipyards. -Week 4, Part 6, 12:00-

Male. Description not provided.

Captain Kaeko Savedro Captain of the OSV Bay Star, Royal Family. Shot at the Swan Song as it retreated off of Onintza. -Week 4, Part 2, 9:00-

Female. Woman wearing Onintzan naval garbs with a hat.

Captain kaeko

Captain Kaeko Savedro by Devtexture

Captain Ossuary Captain of the Harridan's Heart. -Week 13, Part 2, 8:45-

Male. German accent, late 50's, early 60's with white hair. Wearing military uniform like Ms. Mesa, but buttons undone and can see t-shirt underneath. The chest is covered in decorations. Has huge pistol on hip. Looks like Werner Herzog, but with huge white sideburns.

Mr ossuary

Mr. Ossuary by Devtexture

Captain Saito Pirate of the Highbeam Fleet, seller of the Kafkaesque and Lord Lucas McCrary. -Week 20, Part 2, 19:35 & Part 3, 22:50-

Male. Looks to be in his mid-late 40's and of Japanese decent. He has an eye-patch on as well as a jacket that looks to be a cross between a band-leader jacket with large epaulettes and dangly tassels, and the red-vinyl jacket with zippers everywhere that Michael Jackson wore in thriller. On the jacket are several medals that don't match together. He is later seen with an admiral's hat on and the eye-patch adorned on the other eye, indicating that he has both eyes despite wearing it.

Cassia Member of the Remnant Legion of Current-Andoni. Taken to Gunnhild VII-C to Dr. Hiromusi Seckler along with 50 other civilians of Anodni. Had goings-on with Rajani aboard the ship. -Week 15, part 3, 0:00-

Female. Just shy of 6 feet, olive-colored skin, black hair tied up in a braid. Empty pistol holster, not armed otherwise. Wearing grey-camouflaged exo-suit. Remnant Legion patch with a red circle and two curving green-lines representative of a laurel wreath and a roman numeral VI in the middle.

Connor Wu [Deceased] Found on Taxila Station, was repairing the ship. Became a part of the crew after Taxila went up in flames. -Week 11, Part 2, 4:40-

Male. Technician in bright-orange jumpsuit. Age 18-19, Chinese. Name-badge that says 'Wu'. Orange jumpsuit is often put around waist, revealing white shirt underneath. Grease covering his hands/arms.

Connor wu2

Connor Wu by Devtexture

Constantine Fang Top Bounty Hunter / Assassin who was going after Lord Laura McCrary. Combated with the crew a couple times on Strophios, owns the ship The Gacy. #18. -Week 16, Part 6, 25:35 & Week 17, Part 3, 0:00-

Male. Was described two different ways. First time - Looks kinda tough, short mohawk, scar on his face. Second time - In pilot's flight suit. Early 40's, bald, scar on his face.

Constantine fang

Everyone's Favorite Bounty Hunter by xCentumx

Dr. Abramowitz Frequently saw Piani Pic as she was detained at Elouahabu. -Week 9, Part 1, 10:50-

Female. Description not provided.

Dr. Edward Ruseau Mr. Sicarians' cybernetisist. Former Cabralese staff sargeant. Met through Prosper Trudeau. -Week 26, Part 2, 52:00-

Male. Description not provided.

Dr. Giselle Hobbs Cabralese maltech expert. Helped Piani with Pi's robot body. Reclusive, old, and very good at her work. -Week 26, Part 3, 32:05-

Female. Old woman wearing a lab coat, plain slacks, blouse, glasses, grey hair.

Dr. Graves Gave the crew Howard on Thoe. -Week 21, Part 6, 5:10-

Male. Older thoen (week 21, part 5, 3:25, humans, skin is light-blue [like chiss from star wars], impossible to discern gender [no obvious sex-specific characteristics], tall, fairly thin), glasses on, wearing nice wool/tweed suit, reading novel.

Dr. Hiromusi Seckler Richardson Scientific Scientist. -Week 15, part 4, 38:25-

Female. Middle aged and half-japanese. Wears lab coat with richardson scientific logo beaker on it. Hasn't slept much, seems stressed.

Dr. Omar Ibn Sa'id [Deceased] Doctor taken from Anaximander University to Subhadra to study the V'ad. -Week 5, Part 2, 7:10-

Male. Late 50's, early 60's. Close-cropped beard colored salt and pepper. Looks middle-eastern, dressed casually but at the same time, well-off.

Egore [Deceased] 'Significant Other' of Heather Monsay. Killed by Mr. Sicarian in a bar fight due to him dealing with Blue Fever. -Week 10, Part 6, 1:25-

Male. Rough looking dude with a beard. Scowls. Has blue fever in-mouth.

***Elder Nomad (No name given) Showed Piani a series of visions and gave her the cybernetic eye. -Week 20, Part 3, 11:40-

Male. Can tell that he does not wear a protective suit often (harsh environment). Skin is tough looking, scarred, missing one eye, making no effort to hide it, large obvious scars around missing eye. Other eye is blue. Has a long, scraggly white beard. Doesn't have a tongue, speaks with his mind.

Fabiana Mori The crew helped smuggle her and her Onintza Libre! friends away from a Royal Family attack on Onintza. Is a contact if the crew needs her help. -Week 4, Part 2, 6:15-

Female. Of average beauty, noble freedom-fighter.

Heather Monsay One of Higgins' contacts on Taxila Station for whom the crew helped smuggle cargo for. Higgins also helped her escape Taxila Station before it went up in flames. -Week 10, Part 6, 2:25-

Female. Mid to late 30's, spacer through and through, has jumpsuit, looks older than her age due to living out in space, living on the rough edges.

Helena Chioma [Deceased] One of the three group members belonging to the Madari Syndicate base on Subhadra. -Week 7, Part 4, 3:45-

Female. Wearing undershirt and shorts. Older but still seems pretty tough.

Helga Female of the Viking Clan. Previously suplexed Prosper and has a crush on him. -Week 20, Part 4, 10:50 & Week 25, Part 4, 49:45-

Female. Blonde and strong enough to suplex Prosper. Sexy picture sent to Prosper in a fur bikini out in the snow. signed 'XO Helga'.


xoxo Helga pin up by sugarG0at

Higgins Jr. Member of Luminary. Higgs' father. Also known as "Pop", and #1. -Week 26, Part 3, 16:10-

Male. In a wheelchair, much older version of Higgs, family resemblance is striking, dressed real nicely.

Howard A temporary but important crew member of the Swan Song. He is an octopus that has psychic powers and can talk. -Week 21, Part 6, 15:25 & Week 22, Part 3, 10:30-

Male. Inside of a small, enclosed, plexi-glass box full of water. Computer terminal next to it with a battery / generator that monitors information. Rocks at the bottom, a little castle. Trying to hide behind some of the rocks, there's an octopus. Whole body is the size of a head, normal-sized, orange-colored octopus. Is able to change colors. Might or might not have Mr. Sicarian's monoblade in it, etched in 'Howard' into the handle.


Hi I'm Howard by Devtexture

James Han Friend of Piani's when they were kids on Majid. Gave the crew a job to smuggle cargo off-world. -Week 16, Part 4, 11:15-

Male. Around the same age as Piani. Going through foreman training classes for the Majidi mines.

Jean-Jacques Provos Officer of the Order of Annunciation who came on-board the Swan Song with Prosper Trudeau as he was introduced to the crew. -Week 9, Part 5, 25:20-

Male. African-looking with French accent, around 40. Mirrored-helmet and armor on (Caberlese military, Order of Annunciation). Armband with embellished white cross, one cybernetic, chrome eye.

Kalaya Bia [Deceased] Madari Syndicate member going after Higgins for killing Randy. -Week 10, Part 2, 18:00 & Week 24, Part 2, 53:00-

Female. Older woman, middle-eastern. Wearing fatigues and head-scarf.

Le Phantome The most powerful Artificial Intelligence in Asgard Sigma. Is a part of the Order of Annunciation. -Week 26, Part 3, 8:00-

AI / Female. In a large spherical room with a long hallway that leads out to a large metal and stone chair. There's a large sphere in the middle of the room that's inside glitters with light and electricity moving around. The chair / throne itself has wires and cables running out from the back of it that go up and connect into the sphere. Only the back of the chair can be seen. The AI has an obviously synthetic, but bell-tone beautiful, perfect female singer's voice. A glimpse of a woman is seen rising from the throne.

Legadis Corvis Leader of the Remnant Legion. No description given.
Lisa Ex of Rajani Van Dorne. Female. No description given.
Lord Laura McCrary Lives on Strophios. Sent a bounty after her husband that the crew picked up. Owns much of Former-Sunbeam Multistellar. -Week 16, Part 2, 25:00-

Female. Has on huge, glossy, patent-leather, red high-heals, acid washed jeans, an acid-washed jacket (with rhinestones on the sleeves) over a plain-white tshirt. She is holding in her arms a tiny chicken that is bright blue. She has big gaudy, dangly, sparkly earrings. She's wearing blue lipstick. Her hair is feathered (Farrah Fawcett - Charlies Angels style) that is also bright blue and seems to be twinkling from some internal light. The hair is also described as being teased to hell.

Lord Lucas McCrary [Deceased] Husband to Laura McCrary. Had important information revolving Cabralese Intelligence that Pi took. Killed by the Madari Syndicate but handed over by the crew. Male. No description provided.
Lu One of the goons who ambushed Prosper on Majid. Was interrogated and then killed by Prosper. -Week 23, Part 3, 1:45-

Male. Ethnically Majidi (space-Chinese). His clothes aren't nice, but not like workers clothes. (Not a suit, but maybe foreman or lower businessman) Lips are blue, but doesn't look completely high and cracked out. At the end of the fight, he has a broken nose, blood all down his face. Guy has hands zip-tied behind him and to a bed-post. Has a brand that consists of 3 marks on one side of the collarbone. Green and pink alternating glare into the room from a neon sign outside.

Madam Oubliette Maltech Agent belonging to the Pfotenhauer Society. Found on Harridan's Heart. Newly-made friend of Mr. Sicarian's who supposedly helped temporarily get Titan off of the crew's trail.
Mr. Falcon [Deceased] Friend of Mr. Sicarian's, also in the Pfotenhauer Society.
Mr. Lee Contact on Majid that the crew bought armor/weapons from, has a daughter named Hu Jun Lee. -Week 4, Part 5, 7:50-

Male. Has a daughter, is pretty round, completely bald, not wearing shirt, has apron on though, has a bunch of LED tattoo's on one arm that are glowing, welding mask pulled up on his head.

Mr. Sicarian's Wife [Deceased] This person is unknown but some insight was gained during Mr. Sicarian's walk into drive-space on the Harridan's Heart.
Mr. Titan [Deceased] Former very powerful Pfotenhauer member hunting down Mr. Sicarian. Died in a duel to the death with Mr. Sicarian.
Mr titan

Mr. Titan by MantisTobogganMDPhD

Mustafa Lee A Madari Syndicate boss that started going after the crew after they blew up a station of his on Subhadra. -Week 11, Part 2, 3:45-

Male. Age 60-65. Dressed in really nice white suit. Has a white mustache. Smokes cigarettes.

Ms. Fate Leader of Fate's Rangers, works for Titan in the Pfotenhauer Society. -Week 16, Part 1, 16:50-

Female. Short black hair, stern features, Greek / Mediterranean, ankh underneath her left eye, wearing full suit of Mr. Sicarian-style combat armor painted blue, on left shoulder is a big white star, on right shoulder is the Pfotenhauer logo.

Ms fate

Ms. Fate by Devtexture

Ms. Mesa Retrieved the Warmind off of the Swan Song in Harridan's Heart. The crew helped her escape the deadly robots when going to the bridge. -Week 13, Part 1, 31:10-

Female. Speaks to her team in German. In 30's, carries herself authoritatively, bunch of rank insignia including XO of the ship and science officer indicators on uniform.

Nika Starlight Contemporary Pop Artist that the crew met on Strophios. Possibly knows more than what it seems.

Nika Starlight by CariShrine

Nikeal Sato [Deceased] One of the three group members belonging to the Madari Syndicate base on Subhadra. -Week 7, Part 4, 3:45-

Male. Mid 20's. Russian, scrawny, nervous, prison/stick & poke tattoos all over him. Wearing undershirt and shorts.

Odette Rainier General of the Order of Annunciation. -Week 9, Part 1, 9:20-

Female. Blue and white, military-cut dress. Long blonde hair on one side, shaved on the other that has glittering cybernetics.

Odette rainier2

Odette Rainier by Martin Pedersen

Olaf Olafson Leader of the Viking Clan of Sigrid. Gave Mr. Sicarian 'Mjolnir' the thundergun.
Pi Artificial Intelligence aboard the Swan Song.
Rajani Van Dorne Frequent Madari Syndicate contact for the crew. Possibly replaced Kalaya Bia and/or Mustafa Lee once they died. -Week 11, Part 5, 27:00-

Female. Looks Pakistani/Indian, dressed utilitarian, tall-leather boots, flight jacket, pistol on hip, bright-yellow / saffron-colored scarf, hair tied up, early 30's, pretty attractive.


Rajani Van Dorne by Devtexture

Ramirez [Deceased] Pirate on-board the Black Aurora.
Randy [Deceased] Contact on Andoni. Used to run cons 'back in the day' with Higgins. Was shot in cold blood by Higgins after he successfully helped them get past Andoni Customs.
Randy dead

Post Andoni Randy by Devtexture

Raul Valdez Was a captive after Black Aurora got destroyed, member of Onintza Libre!
Robert Trudeau Prosper Trudeau's husband.
The Barricade Member of Luminary. Pfotenhaur employee of unknown rank and status. -Week 26, Part 3, 17:40-

Female. Dressed in Pfotenhauer army gear / officer's garb.

The Bleed Member of Luminary. In the Highbeam Fleet of unknown rank and status. -Week 26, Part 3, 17:40-

Female. Obvious pirate with same thrown-together outfit as seen on other pirates of the Highbeam Fleet (Such as Captain Saito).

The Intellect Member of Luminary. Not yet shown. -Week 26, Part 3, 17:40-

Male. No Description.

The Problem Member of Luminary. Seen making a ton of calls during meeting. -Week 26, Part 3, 17:40-

Female. Tall, thin, black woman. Constantly on the phone in the same language of Rajani Van Dorne and Mustafa Lee.

The Prophet Leader of the New Prophet organization.
The Wrangle Member of Luminary. No notes covering the wrangle. -Week 26, Part 3, 17:40-

No description.

The Warmind Ancient artifact found on Anodni, took control of the Harridan's Heart.
The warmind

Warmind_v1 by Devtexture

Valentine Sing [Deceased] One of the three group members belonging to the Madari Syndicate base on Subhadra. -Week 7, Part 4, 3:45-

Male. Russian. Wearing undershirt and shorts. Looks like he works out a lot, big arms and chest. Definitely a body builder.

Vincent Pollard Part of the Ratterman Group. Attempted to make the S.S. Swan Song show with Higgins but Higgins declined. -Week 22, Part 4, 12:10-

Male. In his 50's, is Caucasian, has grey hair. Looks like a British Roger Sterling. Jacket is off on the back of a chair. Is wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, has pin-stripped pants. Takes inhaler of Blue Fever. On his desk are photos of him with various celebrities.

Vincent pollard

Vincent Pollard by Devtexture

Victoria [Deceased?] One of the Madari Syndicate friends to Rajani who gave the job of recovering the Warmind out of the Dalmascus Dig-site on Former-Andoni.
Yang Jin Yu Captain of the Nightingale, slave-owner from Majid who was looking for potential slaves coming off of Andoni. -Week 15, Part 4, 26:35-

Male. Seen like person sitting in chair like star trek, looks majidi, dressed like a mandarin.

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