Season 1
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
1 "Pilot" July 7, 2014 Link
When the crew gets into hot water on Andoni, Higgins contacts his friend and fellow con-man Randy.
2 "Hell's Kitchen" July 15, 2014 Link
Consequence of one of Higgins' past crimes, the Swan Song is boarded by folk who look to cause trouble. That is, until they meet the ship's cook.
3 "Pizza Fever" July 23, 2014 Link
The crew salvages the Pizza Party and gains an unexpected crew member.
4 "Feeling Blue" August 4, 2014 Link
When forces of the Royal Family bombard an Onintza Libre base, the crew is forced to choose sides.
5 "Paying the Price" August 11, 2014 Link
After acquiring a mission to go to Subhadra, the crew gets intercepted by bounty hunters.
6 "The [Truth] About The VaD" September 10, 2014 Link
The team arrives at Subhadra only to find that the research station Al'Farabi is deserted.
7 "Dots and Boxes" October 22, 2014 Link
Three strangers appear at the research station and the party learns a little more about the indigenous population of Subhadra.
8 "Haphazard Flying" November 24, 2014 Link
During inter-galactic travel, the Swan Song is thrown off course and the crew must be put into an induced coma to have any hope of survival.
9 "Victory At All Costs" December 8, 2014 Link
Detained by authorities on an unfamiliar planet, the crew uses any means necessary to get back to the Swan Song.
10 "Kill Them All, For The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His" December 18, 2014 Link
Higgins argues with an AI dressed as a cowboy, Pi learns a lot more about the crew and themselves, and Piani and Higgins pretend to be married at a local bar.

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