Season 2
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
11 "After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby" January 7, 2015 Link
Higgs has a meeting with a Madari Syndicate Big-Wig and the Swan Song takes on two new passengers as they leave behind Taxila Station in flames.
12 "A Mysterious Package" January 15, 2015 Link
The party picks up a mission from Rajani that takes them to a Andonian dig-site where they uncover an ancient artifact of unknown potential.
13 "Harridan's Heart, Part I" February 3, 2015 Link
The Swan Song docks with the Pfotenhauer Battleship, Harridan's Heart, and the crew discovers just how powerful the ancient artifact they were carrying is.
14 "Harridan's Heart, Part II" February 16, 2015 Link
The crew discovers Pfotenhauer's true intentions as they team up to try and stop the Warmind from destroying Andoni.
15 "Mission of Mercy" February 23, 2015 Link
Responding to a request for aid, the Swan Song picks up Rajani Van Dorne as well as a handful of refugees on Andoni.
16 "Marital Troubles" March 24, 2015 Link
The crew takes on the task of helping a lady get a divorce in a very unconventional way.
17 "I'm Your Number One Fang" April 3, 2015 Link
Famous musician Nika Starlight performs the last concert of her tour.
18 "You Don't Need a Doctor, Son..." April 22, 2015 Link
An inevitable confrontation with Constantine Fang leads to the concert ending with a bang.
19 "Challenge Accepted" April 28, 2015 Link
Constantine Fang is seemingly dealt with once and for all and findings regarding Pfotenhauer and Titan bring peace to Mr. Sicarian.
20 "Thunder Guns of Olaf Olafson" May 6, 2015 Link
Pi is upgraded for a second time, the crew arranges a meeting with pirate fleet captain Saito, and Mr. Sicarian is trained by the viking clan of Sigrid.

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