Season 3
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
21 "Hello I am Howard" May 13, 2015 Link
Lucas McCrary and Pi share a secret, Higgins and Sicarian are introduced to the blue people of Thoe, and the crew meets Howard.
22 "Sects, Drugs and Octopi" May 20, 2015 Link
A smuggling operation goes swimmingly thanks to Howard and Higgins pitches the idea of The S.S. Swan Song reality TV show.
23 "The Heavy Burden of Truth" June 3, 2015 Link
The Swan Song receives a long past due upgrade, Prosper gets ambushed by goons, and the crew deal with trust issues.
24 "Syndicated Politics" June 10, 2015 Link
The crew meet up with Rajani Van Dorne expecting Lucas McCrary, but end up finding more than what they had bargained for.
25 "Bad Blood and Falling Stars" June 29, 2015 Link
A Blue Fever manufacturing plant blows up and casualties arise.
26 "Illuminati, Robot Body" July 7, 2015 Link
Prosper meets his maker, Pi gets fitted for a new body, Higgins has a secret meeting with the Luminary, and a friendly viking joins the crew.
27 "You Can't Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms (Christmas Episode)" July 16, 2015 Link
In this Christmas Episode of Swan Song, the party finds themselves stranded on a planet undergoing nuclear winter where they meet a fanatical cult of mutant creatures.
28 "Story of the Dagger Wielder" July 27, 2015 Link
With long anticipation, the duel between Mr. Sicarian and Titan occurs.
29 "Tunnel Scum and the Cyberdudes" August 6, 2015 Link
The crew get recruited for a job by Rajani and Piani runs into some trouble in the Vinayan slums.
30 "Singh Us a Song, You're the Piani Man" August 11, 2015 Link
Piani gets her eye replaced by an ancient, cybernetic one.

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