Season 4
Week Episode Summaries Air Date VOD
31 "Purity Planet Protocols" August 20, 2015 Link
The crew arrive on Onintza to escort an exemplar of The Purity Initiative to Rajani on Vinaya.
32 "Hypocrisy & Purity" September 16, 2015 Link
The crew makes a hasty retreat off Onintza and Erik learns that members of the Purity Initiative may not be as pure as they seem.
33 "Old Friends in New Places" October 1, 2015 Link
The crew docks with Pitcairn Station and finds that there is something wrong with it's inhabitants.
34 "Randy Station" October 7, 2015 Link
The crew gathers the components they need to create an EMP device.
35 "Games & Research" October 15, 2015 Link
The crew heads to Games and Research to search for access to the station's core.
36 "Learning Computers" October 21, 2015 Link
The crew leave Pitcairn Station and head to planet Kamna.
37 "Vagabond Adoption Agency" November 11, 2015 Link
Piani finds a vagabond taking pictures of the Swan Song.
38 "The Gang Tries to Sell an Eye and/or Genders Without Number" November 18, 2015 Link
Business is ceased after embarrassing themselves in front of the Carswell Combine.
39 "The Slow Droid Penetrates the Blade" December 11, 2015 Link
The crew boards the Fulminate Blade.
40 "The Recap Episode" January 14, 2016 Link
A provision of short summaries covering each episode [currently up to 26].

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