The Exchange is a mega-corporation, and is among the few organized entities that regularly operates throughout most of Asgard Sigma. Unlike other organizations, The Exchange maintains a neutral policy towards all entities, managing a banking network, Space Net, and providing information transport services for all interstellar T4 governments.

Branches of The ExchangeEdit


Space Net coverage in Sector Asgard Sigma. Dark green hexes: Exchange information hubs with excellent coverage Light green hexes: Well-connected systems with average to good coverage Turquoise hexes: Irregularly served systems with limited coverage White hexes: No coverage Dark green links: Scheduled regular spike drive 6 services at intervals of one hour or better Light green links: Scheduled regular spike drive 4+ services at intervals of one day or better Turquoise links: Irregular spike drive 2+ services Adjacent hexes can be assumed to have a link of the lighter of their two colours.

Private SectorEdit

The Exchange’s private sector is the company’s main source of revenue for the bottom line. Their marketing division regulates the company’s business ventures and current assets. Many of the well-known services that TE offers under this sector include its asset management, or bank, and security management.

The Exchange Banks are scattered throughout a majority of the T4 regions, but are most commonly located nearest the centre of the Sector, where most of the influential corporations exist.

Because of the role that The Exchange plays in managing the interstellar economy, The Exchange is also in a position to require tight security around their satellites and their customer's funds. From firewalls to bio-metric scans, the company’s technical division has managed to cut down on account invasions to the point that even the most skilled of hackers would still find it difficult to break into a standard bank card.

Tertiary SectorEdit

Among the list of services is the management of the Space Net, a large database that parallels the 21st-century ‘internet’ capabilities with the transfer of data at Spike fast speeds. Due to the Scream, the Space Net is not as powerful as it used to be. However, the recent post-modernizing of the transmission satellites over the last 2 decades has led to a fast-spreading revival of the Space Net era, and many planetary sectors have already witnessed massive growth in their economies, which may be correlated as part of The Exchange’s efforts to expand its banking and electronic security holds.

As of November 2199, the coordination of Space Net data on the east-west axis of the sector takes around 7 days from Franco to Geaxi and 9 days from Laodice to Bakhtiar. On the north-south axis coordination between Franco and Forrughi takes about 10.5 days, while the longest distance from Dávilo to Pierides takes 15 days.

Varvaressos and Anaiansi are the two biggest information hubs in the sector by amount of transmitted data. Due to their central position, information created in both systems is spread very evenly across the sector at a fast rate, and their versions of Space Net are always the most up-to-date from a sectorwide perspective. The biggest single exporter of information is Franco, which is home to Hoveyda, the most populous planet in the sector.

The Exchange also operates many market chains across various sectors, such as refuelling stations and supply stores.

Voluntary SectorEdit

Using their own satellite network, The Exchange has also set up the Mail Service. Sustained by the revenue off of the private sector, the Mail Service operates off of ‘piggybacking’ on corporate vessels, which carry the encrypted data from sector to sector, uploading information at their arrival sites and downloading any new changes. Because of the delay between planet systems, information can take days to move, but efforts from TE’s Engineering team have managed to mitigate delays in transfer time by fitting qualified Drive-4+ vessels with their ‘ExchangeBox’ to act as additional carriers.


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