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Chainsaw Teeth by PhoeniXIM

Connor wu

Connor Wu by SemperMortem

Connor Wu [Deceased] was a NPC played by Adam "skinnyghost" Koebel

Equipment Edit

Background Edit

Origins Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Is aware Pi is an AI not a VI
  • Surprisingly resistant to physical damage
  • Uncomfortable using personal firearms
  • Nika Starlight's #1 Fan
  • Runs a Nika Starlight fan-site
  • Date of Birth 3181[1]
  • Date of Death November 3200

Quotes Edit

Notable Feats and Kills Edit

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend - 2 Jul 3200: Uses Swan Song's laser to deal serious damage to 5 targets

Kill count Edit

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  1. From Adam Confirming a Reddit User's Post

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