D-Dull Dot Asg is a 3199 hit album from the band Dethro Dull that draws inspiration from many genres including jazz, spacepsych and experimental rock. The album consists of 11 songs with a total runtime of 87 minutes. It is targeted at an audience aged 11-25, as Jon Rasmussen particularly aimed at invoking an appreciation of life and musical theory among young sentients. Many of the songs on the album touch moral themes such as capital punishment and xenophobia towards non-humans. These themes are particularly explored in "Tear's Neptune", "Rusted" and "SPACE YoungSters". However, Jon Rasmussen's false murder conviction has caused parents from the New Prophet Christian Movement, among others, to scrutinize the lyrics and attempts have been made to censor the album in many planetary systems. Some have gone to the extreme of openly harassing the band and have been tapping their communication systems with drones, in Operation Tapping Drone.

Song listing and runtime Edit

  • Rubick Meltdown 3,27
  • SPACE YoungSters 5.43
  • Jimmy's Stardrive 6.43
  • Tear's Neptune 10.24
  • Orbit Citation 4:25
  • Rusted 9:24
  • XanoBitt 2:21
  • Nanosecond 10:43
  • Hitching No Ride 20:12
  • Crab Walking 6.26
  • AI Control 9.12

Composition and content Edit

The common thematic content of D-Dull Dot Asg has led it to being considered a concept album about the lives of five non-human space fighters. All tracks feature third-person narratives and personal obervations. "Rubick Meltdown", "Rusted", "AI Control", "Jimmy's Stardrive" and "Tear's Neptune" all examine galactic racism from a human perspective and eventually try to establish commonalities between human behavior and its counterparts. "XanoBitt" and "Nanosecond" tell the stories of intergalactic pirates being sentenced to death and their attempts at explaining and defending their actions. The other songs tell the stories of reckless adventures and of non-human discrimination, as well as exploring the idea of karma.

Release and promotion Edit

Prior to the release of the album, the tracks "Orbit Citation", "Nanosecond", "AI Control", "Crab Walking" and "Tear's Neptune" had been released for free via spacebook on 4 Mar 3199, which has set a standard for upcoming artists and inspired intergalactic musicians.

The original release date was 13 May 3199 but was moved forward to 3 May 3199 due to "high demand". It was speculated that the move was an attempt to counter the effects of the album's leak onto file sharing sites. Early recordings of the album have been leaked on Space Net since 5 Dec 3198.

On the first day of its release, the album received a large amount of praise and had 345,630 copies sold. These sales gave Jon Rasmussen the idea to release the four singles "Rusted", "XanoBitt", "Orbit Ciation" and "Crab Walking" only three weeks after the album had come out. On 4 Jun 3199 it received four awards for best album of the decade by several media outlets, and one award for best experimental album by SPACE. A few months later, music critics claim it captures the feeling of pre scream era music and even Eva Godwon put it at number 583 in her list of the 1,000 best albums of all time.

Post-release Edit

The album was generally very well received by critics, with an average rating of 9/10 stars based on 743 critic reviews. On AlbumRankings the album had a score of 8/10 based on 17 critic reviews. Adam Fringon, who wrote the release review for D-Dull Dot Asg for SPACE, praised the band for maintaining the same themes and experimental rock elements that have made the band successful for decades. Eva Godwon described D-Dull Dot Asg as a "supreme form of genre balance while everyone else working on these same genres seem like they are trying to capture lightning in a bottle."

The depth and delivery and overall balance of D-Dull Dot Asg were generally the most commonly attributed positive features of the album. Galactic polls for favorite song of the album show no clear winner.

Since its release the album has received universal acclaim and is hailed has a modern classic of its genres. It is the most featured album of the past year and has risen to be a benchmark for upcoming musicians in future decades.