Erik Fretheim
Eric Cropped
Class Psychic
Race Human
Homeworld Sigrid
Other Attributes
Hit Points 11
Psi Points 20
Level 4
Experience 9,250 / 16,000
Strength 12
Dexterity 14 (+1)
Constitution 14 (+1)
Intelligence 14 (+1)
Wisdom 17 (+1)
Charisma 4 (-1)

Erik Fretheim (born 3172) is a character played by Steven "silent0siris" Lumpkin YouTube logo Twitter logo-c Twitch logo.



  • Woven Body Armour - Woven body armor is composed of assorted composites, plastics, and ceramic inserts. While bulky and cumbersome, it is effective armor under most circumstances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds.
  • Combat Rifle - Combat rifles are favored by the militaries of tech level 3 worlds, trading some of the often-unnecessary range and penetration of a conventional rifle for a larger ammunition capacity and burst fire capabilities. On more strait-laced worlds such military weaponry is often illegal for civilians to possess.
  • Spike Thrower - Mag weaponry involves the magnetic acceleration of metal flechettes, while Spike throwers are the shotgun equivalents of these weapons. Mag ammunition is packaged with integral power supplies, so no additional power cells are necessary to fire these weapons.

Other gearEdit

Atmofilter   Compad   Instapanel (x4)  Navcomp   Metatool   Pressure Tent   Type A power cell   Survival Kit (x2)  Survey Scanner   Vacc Suit  



  • He comes from the planet Sigrid. He is a tall (6',6") blonde, blue-eyed space viking with a deep Norwegian accent. Has a love for spaceships and seems genuinely happy to work as a mechanic aboard one. His personality ranges from being a lovable dork to an awkward conversationalist.
  • Studied Psionics on Hoveyda. He was recommended by Wilbur's friend and former captain.
  • Class Special Ability: Psychic Powers
    • The passive ability to have psychic powers.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

  • Background: Technician
    • Technicians keep an advanced world's technology running and its populace healthy. Some focus on inanimate tech, while others are medical experts who use sophisticated devices to keep their fellow humans in repair. Some sort of technical expert is all but indispensable on any expedition due to the need for repairs.
  • Profession: Psychic Researcher
    • Vast secrets of psychic power remain buried in the wreck of ages. Whole disciplines were lost when the Scream destroyed the psychic culture of humanity centuries ago, and psychic researchers are dedicated to unearthing these secrets anew. The work is horrendously dangerous as psychic burnout claims the great majority of researchers within a few decades. Still, the promise of lost power always draws new students.


  • Currently has access to three Psionic disciplines.
Metapsionics Discipline (Major)
Psychic Harmonization (1 PP)

On triggering this ability, the psychic becomes resistant to hostile psionic forces. They gain a +2 bonus to all saving throws versus psionic effects for the duration of this power. While this ability is active, the metapsionic can also determine whether or not a person they are touching has any psychic abilities, though not specific disciplines.

Psionic Static Field (3 PP)

For the duration of this power, activating any psionic ability within line of sight of the psychic costs psi points as if the power were one level higher. This ability does not affect level 9 powers. The psionic and her allies are not affected by their own static field, and multiple static fields do not stack in effect.

Metapsionic Concert (5 PP)

On activating this power while touching one or more willing psionic allies, those involved can freely redistribute their total psi points amongst all participants. No psychic can be left with more psi points than their normal maximum, and if a psychic declines the chosen division they withdraw from the concert with their psi points unchanged.

Neural Surge (7 PP)

The metapsionic cannibalizes their neural activity to help fuel their psionic powers. Each round this power is in effect, the psychic takes 1d4 hit points of damage and gains twice that many psi points, up to their maximum normal psi points. If the character is at their maximum psi points, they do not take damage that round. This damage can only be cured by normal rest and recuperation, as well as with certain extremely rare psitech medical compounds. This power can be ended as a free action.

Telekinesis Discipline (Minor)
Remote Manipulation (1 PP)

The psychic can manipulate any object visible to his unaided vision as if handling it with one hand. The force has an effective Strength of 10 and can be used to wield an object to attack at a -2 penalty to hit and using the relevant combat skill of the psychic.

Telekinetic Press (3 PP)

The psychic’s strength increases at this level, if not his degree of control. Objects can still only be manipulated as if with one hand, but up to two hundred kilos can be lifted, or force exerted as if Strength 18. This force lacks enough fine coordination to successfully attack a mobile target.

Complex Manipulation (5 PP)

Much as Remote Manipulation, but the psychic can now manipulate the object as if with two or more hands, simultaneously operating multiple switches, dials, or controls. This force suffers no penalty when wielding an object to attack.

Teleportation Discipline (Minor)
Sidestep (1 PP)

The psychic can teleport up to 50 meters and carry up to 5 kilos of clothing, equipment, or other living organisms with them.


Bureaucracy (+0)
A skilled bureaucrat knows how to deal with complex legal and administrative systems, and how to find files or records quickly.
Culture/Hoveyda (+0)
Knowledge Hoveyda's society, government, tech level, and laws.

Culture/World: This specialty must be taken individually for each specific world, and relates to knowledge of that world’s society, government, tech level, and laws. Level 0 in this skill also grants basic proficiency in that world’s most common language if the character is not already proficient in it.

Culture/Sigrid (+0)
Knowledge Sigrid's society, government, tech level, and laws.

Culture/World: This specialty must be taken individually for each specific world, and relates to knowledge of that world’s society, government, tech level, and laws. Level 0 in this skill also grants basic proficiency in that world’s most common language if the character is not already proficient in it.

Exosuit (+0)
The character is trained in the use of powered exosuits. These forms of heavy armor are often used in dangerous environments ranging from asteroid mining to shock trooper assaults on enemy positions.
History (+0)
The character has training in galactic history and can identify worlds, events, and people of historical importance.
Science (+0)
The character is a trained scientist and capable of operating laboratory equipment, conducting research, and developing new technology. This skill covers all conventional scientific applications, but actually building or repairing objects requires the Tech skill.
Tech/Astronautic (+1)
Anything on or related to spacecraft comes under the astronautic heading, including spike drives, life support systems, and ship gunnery.
Tech/Postech (+0)
Mechanical and electronic technology developed after the Scream, including almost all of the technology in use on modern frontier worlds.
Tech/Psitech (+1)
Repairing and building technology that interfaces with a psychic’s psionic powers. Th is tech is almost unknown in the present day, and normally found only in the form of recovered artifacts.
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  • Disregarding his charisma, Erik is the most overpowered character yet in Swan Song.
  • Erik is a fan of Asan hyperboat racing and possesses a large amount of information on the sport.

Quotes Edit

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

Kill count Edit

The whole universe.

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