Eva Godwon (born 7th July 3173) is an Hoveydan musician, music critic and author who is currently operating a famous music based website in the planetary systems of Gunnhild, Vafa'i and Na'imi. She is known as a hardcore music critic who criticizes famous musicians and the music industry. She is often seen as an obnoxious and harsh reviewer compared to other critics, with low tolerance of badly written music and fake music personality's given to music consumers, for marketing,

Early Life Edit

Godwon was born on Hoveyda to a Strophios mother and father. At age 5 she became interested in her father's work of DJ mixing at shady nightclubs and was taught the absolute basics of song remixing. Aswell as her mother who was a washed up pianist that started to teach her how to play the piano at the age of 6. This development lead her to be considered a musical genius at the age of 8 in the planetary systems of Na'imi and Vafa'i. At the age of 13, she wrote 2 singles and 15 songs all together for 4 intergalactic bands and had a networth of around 240 thousand credits. Godwon also won 3 awards for best written song in 3189 (age 16) and was in two local jazz bands in the Docks.