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Forrughi is a planetary system in Sector Asgard Sigma, hex 0602. It is relatively isolated in the stellar northeast of the sector, with Bakhtiar to the far south, Vahdat, Thordis and Na'imi to the far northwest und Protagoras some distance to the southwest.

Forrughi is home to Bazignos,a Tech Level 2 planet with a few hundred thousand inhabitants and Cabral, a developed Tech Level 4 world with a population of currently 3 billion.

Planets Edit

No Planet Notes Moons
I Forrughi I
II Forrughi II
III Forrughi III
IV Forrughi IV
V Forrughi V
VI Forrughi VI
VII Bazignos
Tech level: Tech Level 2
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Burning
Population: 217,000
VIII Forrughi VIII
IX Forrughi IX
X Cabral Final Cabral
Tech level: Tech Level 4
Atmosphere: Breathable mix
Temperature: Temperate
Population: 3.46 Billion
XI Forrughi XI
XII Forrughi XII