Hanako Maru
Class Warrior
Race Human
Homeworld Onintza
Other Attributes
Hit Points N/A
Level N/A
Experience N/A /
Strength N/A
Dexterity N/A
Constitution N/A
Intelligence N/A
Wisdom N/A
Charisma N/A

Commander "Hanako Maru" was a NPC played by Adam "skinnyghost" Koebel.



  • Ms. Fate's Light Laser Machine Gun (temporary) 
  • Onintzan Commander Uniform (ranking patches removed)

Background Edit

Origins Edit

  • Born on an unnamed Onintzan Generation Ship while in transit.
  • Chosen for command from a young age for high leadership aptitude. 

Skills Edit

  • Strong Leadership skills with decades of experience.
  • A skilled combatant while using Energy Weapons

Trivia Edit

* Believes in magical Onintzan demon deathsquad.

* A skilled combatant while using Energy Weapons.

* Is implanted with an Onintzan Colonial Citizen Tracking Device (location on body, but otherwise unknown)

* Obvious crush on Mr. Sicarian

* Generally disagreed with the Onintzan Colonial Government about starting the First Onintzan Civil War

* Her name in Japanese roughly translates to "Flower Circle", which is reminiscent of a flower stamp.

Quotes Edit

Notable Feats and Kills Edit

  • First Shot's the Charm - First Attack Roll was a Natural Twenty, obliterating an Onintzan Colonial Military Recon Drone.

Kill count Edit

  • 1 Onintzan Colonial Military Recon Drone. 

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