Harridan's Heart
Class Capital
Hull Carrier
Free Mass */100
Power */50
Arsenal Fighter-Bombers
and more...
Cargo Capacity Several dozen fighters
Several Free Merchants or a pair of Corvettes
Passenger Capacity 300/1500
Jump Drive Mark. I Spikedrive
Owner Warmind
Pfotenhaur (former)
Crew Mr. Ossuary - Captain (former)
Ms. Mesa - Science Officer (former)
Organization Pfotenhaur (former)
Extra Info Painted completely black

Harridan's Heart is a battleship-class spacecraft of the Pfotenhauer fleet. Known for appearing at unusually insignificant incidents in out of the way parts of the Sector.

Currently controlled by the Warmind.

History Edit

Originally a Pfotenhauer Society ship, until The Crew brought the Warmind onto the ship as part of a Pfotenhaur contract. Harridan's Heart was then hijacked by the Warmind. The Warmind slaughtered most of the crew and took control of internal and external weaponry including the arsenal of TYPHOON EPSILON planetbusters. Upon arrival at Andoni the planetbusters were unleashed, leading to an event called "The Night the Sky Cried Tears of Fire," destroying the vast majority of life and infrastructure on Andoni; as well as irradiating the planet. The remnants of the crew fled to parts unknown, presumably with other Pfotenhauer Society units.

What kind of punishment dealt to Captain Ossuary and the crew for the loss of the ships and the destruction of Andoni is unknown. It is not known if any other governments, corporations, or factions are aware of the role played by the Harridan's Heart in the destruction of Andoni.