In Space


Grid coordinates



Tech Level 4.
Baseline postech.


13,704 km


Breathable mix




Moderate (1.05g)

Primary biosphere

Human-miscible biosphere


Absolute Theocratic Monarchy


9 billion



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Hoveyda is an inhabited planet in the Franco System. It averages a warm, subptropical climate and features a breathable atmosphere. The planet is home to over a billion sentients, making it the most populous single planet in Sector Asgard Sigma. The Hoveydan government is an absolute monarchy where the monarch is chosen from among the Imperial family by the most powerful priests of Hoveyda.

Hoveyda is technologically advanced and features baseline postech up to Tech Level 4. It has the sector's largest planetary economy and is a prominent political and cultural force, as well as a leader in scientific research and technological innovation.

Culturally, Hoveyda is a very diverse world, with dozens of languages and dozens more ethnicities spread across the fertile world. Many different religions are on Hoveyda, though the government is officially an Islamic theocracy lead by the Caliph.

Military wise Hoyveda has one of the largest fleets in the sector, focused almost entirely on defending Franco from pirates to invasion by other powers.

Hoveyda had always been a center of religious life in the sector, with many cults, reformations and philosophies being born there. But in the 32nd century a new religious movement came into being on the diverse world that proved to have more momentum than the others before it: New Prophet Christianity; a religious movement that hearkens back to many central tenets of Christianity but believes that The Prophet, an enigmatic figure whose identity has never been fully revealed, is the most recent and direct emissary from God. Like many Hoveydan cultural exports, the movement has proved extremely popular all over the sector and has expanded its influence to many other systems, getting involved in economic, environmental and labour rights issues on Asa and Majid, for instance.