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Howard by starvinartmajor

Howard is an uplifted octopus that The Crew was tasked with transporting from Thoe by Captain Saito of the Highbeam Fleet. The job went surprisingly smoothly and the crew transported it from Thoe with the only complication being the creation of some faked documents.

While on board the ship on route to the Vafa'i System he spent a lot of time with Mr Sicarian who taught him about his gun and gave him his monoblade. Prosper Trudeau felt Howard was an abomination and wanted him off the ship as fast as possible. Wilbur Higgins III and Connor Wu wanted nothing to do with him and Piani Pic discovered he was phychic like herself and shared memories with each other. Prosper also found out this information. Howard and Pi also played a game together enough so that Howard became the second best player on the ship after PI. Prosper was notably upset by the fact he remained the worst on the ship.

The crew was parted from him when they handed him over to the Highbeem Fleet.

His mindset is very much that of a curious child though he seems to do what he is told quite willingly.

After being given to Highbeam by the Crew, he became a Psychic Assassin for them.


Audio Quotes
Hello, I am Howard who are you?
Hello I am Howard. I'm an octopus. I am on a spaceship.
Hello Mr. Sicarian, I'm Howard.
Okay, I would like to be your friend Mr. Sicarian, where are we going?
Yes this is fine, thank you. Where are we? What's happening?
You don't look like the scientist Mr. Sicarian, your very large. What are you wearing? Is that your shell?
You talk funny where are you from?
Hello wuhoward
Howard changes color
Howard has the thing
Howard on octopus guns.ogg
Howard - I am also excited, wuu, i am howard
I am howard, yes
If you want to, i am very rubbery i have tentacles look
Mr. sicarian has a very large gun
My voice sounds like a computer beepboop
No, it sounds very interesting, tell me everything about it
Oh hello prosper, i am organizing the rings on the pegs
See, it's the thing, i can show you stuff
That sounds amazing
The thing, they taught me a thing
This is the greatest thing i have ever owned
Uh, i like meeting new people, who is it.ogg
You know it doesn't make sense, there wasn't any water

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