"Illuminati, Robot Body"
Season 3, Episode 26
Air Date: July 7, 2015
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"Bad Blood and Falling Stars" "You Can't Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms (Christmas Episode)"
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The date is December 1, 3200. There are currently 31 days before Mr. Sicarian's duel with Titan [January 1, 3201]. After having successfully rescued Mr. Sicarian from underneath the rubble of the Blue Fever manufacturing planet, the party is currently on Cabral where Prosper Trudeau is planning on leaving the crew permanently.

Final Goodbye'sEdit

Piani Pic says to Pi that they might be able to get the last piece for Pi's body here on Cabral. Pi says that they are excited about being able to leave the ship. Piani asks if they will leave for good and Pi responds, "What you're doing for me, giving me the freedom and trusting that I'll do the right thing, Prosper deserves the same respect." With these invigorating words, Piani walks up to Prosper's door, bursts in, and yells, "Alright you fucker. It's your last chance. Stay on the Swan Song." Piani tells Prosper that she understands that he has things that he has to do and that it's been good having him on the ship. Prosper responds back that he never expected to find an ally in his pursuit of L'Enfant. Piani then tells Prosper that she hasn't talked to the rest of the crew about this, but that she has a shrine area in her room dedicated to the crew members that are no longer with them and that Prosper will be there.

The Swan Song docks and everyone but Higgs is in the cargo bay. Before Prosper leaves, Mr. Sicarian tells him that he always has their comms if he needs anything. Prosper says au revoir into the air and Wilbur Higgins III crudely says over the loud-speaker, "Get off my ship." Pi tells Prosper that 'she' is going to ask him things about the ship and the crew and that if he lies, 'she'll' know. Prosper turns around, says that he would never lie, and then walks down the cargo bay ramp. After a few moments he makes out Alana Durant and Robert Trudeau standing in a crowd of people. Prosper walks up to the two of them and says that it was time for him to come home and that the mission was complete and successful. Robert tells him that he doesn't care about the mission and that he is just glad that he is home. The two of them then hug each other.

Higgins gets a reply back from Captain Buford that says 'they' have six and that it was the best he could do on such short notice. Attached to the message is a location on Bazignos [the neighboring planet] and the date December 3, 3200. At this time, Piani pays 2 months worth of maintenance on the ship as well as their monthly fees.

Sunbeam Omnistellar LimitedEdit

Mr. Sicarian walks into a Sunbeam Omnistellar Limited office located on Cabral. Everyone working in the store looks like an over-dressed cowboy. One of those guys walks up to Mr. Sicarian and says in a very faux-western and enthusiastic voice, "You sir need a brand new spaceship." Without giving Mr. Sicarian the time to speak, the salesman lists off in a quick fashion many different types of spaceships and their accoutrement. After the salesman is done giving his pitch, Mr. Sicarian pauses and in the same faux-western accent says, "Hooey, god damn!" Mr. Sicarian then mentions that he is there to get a nav computer and after some western banter back and forth, Mr. Sicarian ends up getting the nav computer for 0% appraisal for the next year, but after that it'll cost them 100,000 credits with additional interest.

Piani and the RobotocistEdit

Piani looks through some shady channels on Cabral and ends up finding what she was looking for, a robotocist named Giselle Hobbes. Giselle is an outcast who keeps to herself in an isolated hinterlands location. To get to her, Piani takes a train for a few hours and then hires a taxi to take her the rest of the way. She dismounts the taxi and finds herself standing in front of a large brick wall and a sturdy iron gate, and past these things a mansion looming in the distance. Piani approaches the iron gate and presses the buzzer. A hologram of a snooty French butler appears before her and asks her what she wants. When Piani says that she is there to see Doctor Hobbes, the hologram tells her that Hobbes is not to be disturbed and then attempts to shoo Piani away. Piani insists that she sees the doctor but the snooty French butler hologram will have none of it. Angry that she went all this way for nothing, she goes up to the gate and kicks it. Getting an idea, she then begins to climb the fence. The hologram turns to Piani and says, "What are you doing? Get out of here!" Piani simply ignores the hologram and walks up to the mansion.

It looks like no one has been here for a very long time. The windows are all blacked out, the paint on the walls is peeling, and there is over-grown plant-life everywhere. Piani knocks on the door and a woman's voice comes out of a nearby speaker asking Piani what she wants. Piani says, "You build robots don't ya?" The woman responds yes and Piani asks, "You ever build a robot who could think on its own?" The door unlocks in front of Piani and she walks in. The inside of the mansion matches the outside. There is a thin layer of dust on everything and all the furniture in the room is covered with plastic wrap. Piani follows sets of leading 'flight' lights downstairs and gets scanned head-to-toe in an airlock before walking into Hobbes lab.

Despite the upstairs looking like it was abandoned, down here is a pristine, sterile-looking lab. Standing in front of Piani is an older woman wearing a lab coat with plain slacks and a blouse. She has glasses on and grey hair. Giselle Hobbes asks Piani what she came to her for. Piani then explains how they unbroke Pi on the Pizza Party and that since then, Piani has grown attached to Pi. She then explains that the only thing left to find for Pi's body is a brain matrix. Hobbes tells Piani that she will provide this matrix but that she would like to meet Pi first.

Mr. Sicarian's SurgeryEdit

Mr. Sicarian schedules to get surgery done in order to better prepare him for his fight against Titan. Now on the operating table, Mr. Sicarian gets fitted with a re-breather. He begins to remember the last time he had seen Mr. Titan. In front of him, there are people in combat armor including Mr. Titan. Behind him, the open cargo-bay doors of a ship flying through the atmosphere. A powerful weapon blast is discharged from Titan's gun as it hit's Mr. Sicarian in the chest, knocking him out of the ship. At the same time, Mr. Sicarian gets knocked unconscious from laughing gas as the operation commences.

The House of Light EternalEdit

The scene fades into Prosper's home with Prosper, Alana Durant, and Robert sitting around a table having dinner. Robert explains that agents of The Order of Annunciation have been interviewing the two of them ever since Prosper had left and it is at this point that the doorbell rings. Prosper opens it and standing in the entryway are three soldiers in Cabralese Reserve uniforms. Prosper recognizes one of them to be Pierre whom he thought had been dead [We earlier learned that he had since been cloned]. Pierre responds that due to the grace of La'Fantome, Prosper's presence has been requested. He reassures Prosper that everything will be fine and that he has done good work.

The scene is filled with that of light, colored glass, and steel. The subtitles read, 'The House of Light Eternal - Cabral'. The scene focuses on the inside of a majestic cathedral. There is a large red carpet dividing two sets of pews to either of its sides. Despite the largeness of the church, there are only two people sitting at the very front set of pews. Prosper says to Odette Rainier that he received her email to come home and Odette tells him that it was not she who sent the message, but La'Fantome. Odette then leads Prosper to a circular room with a raised platform in its center. She gestures for Prosper to step onto the platform and then says that no matter what happens, from now on people will know his name. The platform then lowers and eventually Prosper walks into a large spherical room reminiscent of the one found on Harridan's Heart that housed the Warmind. Instead of there being a nano-particle sphere in the middle however, there is a large stone chair that has electrical wires connected to it. The chair is facing away from Prosper but he can tell that something or someone is sitting in it. Prosper yells out, "Hello?" He hears a beautiful, synthetic woman's voice say, "Welcome home my child," as the woman in the chair stands up. [Prosper is never seen again]

The Super Secret MeetingEdit

The planet of Bazignos is very hot and as such, its poles are the only inhabitable place to live. 'Hammers Boc City - Bazignos' are the subtitles that appear when Higgins safely lands at one of Bazignos' poles. Higgins steps out of his taxi and onto a transportation pad that is on the top of a Bavarian-looking castle. He turns to the taxi driver and asks if he will be getting a ride back. The driver tells him that transportation has already been arranged. Higgins shrugs and walks up to the only entrance on top of the castle, a large wooden door that has two Swiss-looking body-guards at either side of it. The door opens and in front of Higgins stands Captain Buford. Captain Buford is in his late 50's early 60's and has a bald head apart from white, long side-burns and a neatly-trimmed beard. He is wearing a red fancy jacket with brown finishings. Higgins looks at the captain and says, "It's good to see you 10." Buford responds, "You too." As Buford leads Higgins through the castle, he tells him that as long as he can manage to keep 9 and 18 from killing each other, that they may be able to get out alive. He also mentions that 1 is not too happy to be here.

Higgins [Number 19 - The Con - Wilbur Higgins III] sits down at a large round Bavarian table. Sitting across from him is Constantine Fang [Number 18]. Higgins says, "Glad to see you're still alive Fang." Fang responds, "I thought we weren't supposed to use our real names." "It's been a while, I'm sorry 18," says Higgins. An old man sitting in a wheelchair [Number 1 - The Charter - Wilbur Higgins Jr - Wilbur Higgins II] responds, "God dammit, you were never any good with this. What's up with that bullshit accent?" Higgins says, "What's up pop?" The older man truly does look like an older vision of Higgs. Also at the table is a woman dressed in Pfotenhauer gear [[[Ms. Whirlwind]] - The Baracade] who is having an animated argument with a woman who is dressed as a pirate of the Highbeam Fleet [The Bleed]. The Bleed says, "If you weren't on this planet in the first place, we wouldn't have had to attack you so why didn't you move your troops?" There is also a tall, thin black woman on the phone [The Problem] who is trying real hard to ignore the two arguing, she is speaking in the same language that Rajani Van Dorne and Mustafa Lee have been seen talking in. Wilbur Higgins Jr. clears his throat and the room goes silent. Higgins thanks his dad and then asks if they are responsible for what happened to Andoni. The Barricade tells him that the hardware was theirs but that they are currently discussing things. She says that The Wrangle wasn't available for the meeting despite their planet being nearby. Higgins asks where 2 is as he'd like to talk to him about having an AI aboard his ship. The Problem tells Higgins that the Intellect is busy, something about an escaped Capital Fleet, and that they haven't heard from him in months.

The Charter tells Higgins to keep an eye on the AI and to not let it go because it is important. Higgins says that it'll be hard for him to do that as he has been pushing for the complete opposite this whole time but that he will try. Higgins then says that 6 has an upcoming fight and that he was expecting for him to be at the meeting. The Barricade tells him that The Plan is taking their time and that Higgins won't be able to talk to him. She then looks at The Bleed and says that they aren't sure if he should be left in charge anymore. The Barricade then mentions that she has been talking about Mr. Sicarian's black tentacles to The Divine and that they will put Higgins in direct communication with The Divine so that he can speak to them about it. Wilbur Higgins Jr. tells Higgs that The Divine set him up with a new crew member and that he doesn't know anything about the Luminary, but that Higgins can trust him. Higgins says that it was a shame with what happened to Mustafa and The Problem grins and says that it depends on perspective, that Rajani seems to be more helpful than both Mustafa and Kalaya Bia. The meeting then comes to an end leaving Higgins alone in the room with his father and Captain Buford.

Higgs says to his dad that he spent the rest of his money on the suit that he's wearing and that he would like more money. His dad tells him to talk to The Fortune. Captain Buford crosses his arms and says that Higgins has had to do this before, and that he will give Higgins an advance, but that he must keep it on the down-low. Captain Buford says to Higgins that it was a great idea for him to pretend like he was poor and Higgins winces a little. Captain Buford leaves and Higgins tells his dad that he had a talking octopus on his ship. His dad says that he is full of shit. Higgins responds by saying that maybe they will see him one day on the counsel and his father responds that he worked hard to keep The Blade off the counsel and that there is no way that there will ever be a talking octopus on the counsel. Higgins lets out a deep sigh as he pushes his dad's wheelchair out of the room.

Erik FretheimEdit

As Higgins arrives back at the Swan Song, he sees a 6'6" person with long blond hair put back into a pony tail carrying two duffel bags standing by the ship. As he gets closer he notices that this person also has blue eyes, a thick blonde beard, and a very large smile on his face. Higgins approaches the man and asks if he is the new mechanic. "Hi, I'm Erik," he responds. When Higgins tells Erik that he will show him to his quarters, Erik hesitates slightly and asks, "Is this the ship?" Higgins puts his hands on his hips and says, "Yes, this is the Swan Song." As Higgins says this, a piece of metal crashes down from the ceiling of the cargo hold. Higgins gets Pi to direct Erik to the engine room. Erik walks into the engine room and you can see that many different panels have been removed and inside of these panels are a bunch of sticky notes with messages like, "Piece of shit", "Broken", "Replace this", "What even is this" etc. Erik then immediately gets to work on the engines.

The New Mr. SicarianEdit

The Swan Song's cargo bay doors drop and you see a man in power armor walk onto the ship. Power armor is not commonly seen and usually reserved for very high ranking military officials. It is more bulky than Mr. Sicarian's previous assault armor, but like his previous assault armor, this suit is also slick-black and has a matching black visor.

Mr. Sicarian is later seen standing in front of a mirror in his room. His power armor is off and he looks like a trauma victim. He is all wrapped up in bloody bandages and has fluid running through tubes throughout his body. He feels weak, feverish, and is taking many pills in order to try and avoid both pain and infection. He puts his arms up to the mirror and his veins show a faint blue tint to them. His eyes are also a slightly more silvery/reflecting than before. Mr. Sicarian blinks and the scene fades away.

Pi's Robot BodyEdit

Giselle compliments Piani on the body that she made for Pi even though it is made from many different parts on a couple different planets. Before installing the neural network, Giselle warns Piani that individual life may mean something to an AI but not humanity as a whole. Piani tells her, "I knew from the moment that Pi said hello that I was holding onto one of the most special things that I've ever seen in my entire life. I know exactly what I'm doing, I know exactly what I want, and I know exactly what I think I need to do for Pi." Giselle tells Piani that she will not be living for too much longer and that she would like to pass along all of her research to Pi so that it does not get lost. Piani agrees and then hears a noise behind her. She turns around to see Erik and asks, "Who the fuck are you?" Erik introduces himself and then says that there is something strange about Piani. Erik then puts his hand over Piani's and Piani suddenly feels like she has over twice the mental capacity that she once had. She pulls her hand back and the feeling quickly goes away. Erik tells her that he thinks he and Piani will get along. He then says that he has to get back to the engine room. Piani hears a sudden crackle and then all of a sudden, Erik disappears in front of her eyes.

The robot body is human-sized but not human looking. Once the installation of the neural network and transfer of Pi is complete, the body twitches for a moment, and then its arm reaches up and pulls out the transfer cables from the back of its head. It then takes a couple of steps forward, reaches out to Piani, and gives her a big hug.

It is December 6, 3200. Mr. Sicarian is seen sitting at his terminal. He sends a message to Olaf saying that he is having a duel and that he would like for him to be by his side to act as his second. He then sends a message to Fate saying that they will have the duel on the neighboring planet of Bazignos.

Status Report Edit

Crew StatusEdit

Ship StatusEdit

  • Hull Integrity:
  • Ship Upgrade: Advanced Nav Computer for 100,000 Credits, added to Swan Song debt instead of paying now.
  • Got new star charts, old ones were 11 months old (They are out of date after 12). Unknown Cost

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

  • New Crime:


  • Credits Acquired:
  • Credits Spent:
  • Jobs In Progress:
  • Jobs Completed:
  • Debt Increased: 100,000 for Advanced Nav Computer
  • Debt Paid Off On Swan Song: 22,900, Was two months behind on payments
  • Current Debt On Swan Song:

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