[Picture Wanted!]

Name: Mr Jebediah Salt (no abbreviations permitted)
Appearance: if you can imagine a thinner general custer without the moustache and a finely pointed goatee. His hair is silvery/ grey and combed back. He has a receding hairline that is only just noticeable. personality: an intelligent and charismatic man in a sort of django villain psycho way. Hates bums and degenerates. has a taste for the finer things in life. likes business minded people. He is always accompanied by a group of sunbeam thugs and an atractive secretary though he never remembers her name. Is very irritated by anybody who shortens his name. gear: he is dressed in a burgundy and black overcoat that he wears over sunbeam body armour. he carries a pre-tech magnum, probably the biggest you have seen. its barrel is very wide and you it uses a single small metal rod as a clip. when it is fired, a portion of the metal is liquidated and fired from the muzzle at high speeds. I do not know how stats work for the NPCs but he would probably have high intelligence and charisma.