"Kill Them All, For The Lord Knoweth Them That Are His"
Season 1, Episode 10
Air Date: December 18, 2014
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"Victory At All Costs" "After the Party, It's the Hotel Lobby"
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Higgins argues legal issues with an AI dressed as a cowboy, Piani and Higgins pretend to be married, and Sicarian starts a bar fight

Short Summary Edit

The date is unknown. The crew is currently leaving Elouahabu and there are three unknown passengers on board.

Two of the passengers introduce themselves as Jean-Jacques Provos and Prosper Trudeau (Played by Steven Lumpkin). Provos says that they the are members of an organization called The Order of Annunciation and that they are acting under general Odette Rainier. He says that The Order is meant to foster the growth of AI in the sector and they arrived on Elouahabu because they had been monitoring the Swan Song ever since Pi had been installed. Prosper joins the crew and stays in the room that was previously occupied by Viktor Kovacs. Provos says that The Order will fully repair the Swan Song at the nearby Taxila Station which acts as an Exchange outpost. Higgins looks through Viktor's messages that he had and sees that there are six to seven messages from Sunbeam Multistellar. Piani tells Pi that Pi should be able to have weapons on the inside of the ship and Higgins suggests that Pi control a robot remotely. There is a brief scene cut-away that shows a man defending the crew of the Swan Song as they get aboard it and take off out of Elouahabu. The man gets killed and then soon after, the same man is seen coming out of a sarcophagus filled with blue liquid. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder and says, “She's given you another chance. Welcome back Pierre.” The scene switches back to the Swan Song and Mr. Sicarian gets a message from Mr. Falcon explaining to him that Onintza is ruled by a new government and that the Pfotenhauer Society and Titan are going to be on Mr. Sicarian's tail soon. Higgins pays Sunbeam Multistellar for their late monthly payments of the ship. Higgins receives a message about a Heather Monsay on Taxila station offering a job. He also receives a message from Kalaya Bia who he responds to, saying that he would love to meet up with her and settle any dispute between the two of them. Higgins hosts the first 'Annual Swan Song Meet-A-Thon' where the party gets caught up on the various pressing matters that have newly been revealed. Before leaving for Taxila Station, Pi says in Latin that only Prosper understands as, “Kill them all, for the lord knoweth them are his.” The crew arrives at Taxila Station and organizes for the ship to get repaired. Higgins finally pays the 40,000 credits to Piani that she had constantly been asking him for. The crew goes down to meet with Sunbeam Multistellar and Higgins gets really frustrated at an AI and ends up sending a message to Sunbeam Multistellar Legal Team disclosing his previously hidden real name. The crew goes to a nearby bar to meet Heather and as to be expected, a bar-fight ensues. Mr. Sicarian kills someone who was using Blue Fever, Piani Pic fights with Heather over her pretend husband Higgins who casually walks around drinking whiskey.

Detailed Summary Edit

The date is unknown. The crew has recently left the confinement of the Homeland Federation hospital and is currently ascending up into the atmosphere of Elouahabu. There are three unknown passengers on board the Swan Song and everyone is gathered in the Mess Hall.

One of the strangers, a black man looking to be in his 40's, introduces himself as commander Jean-Jacques Provos. Standing beside Provos is a soldier who also introduces himself and says that his name is Prosper Trudeau. Trudeau has a lithely build and a heavy French-Canadian accent. He is wearing short dark hair with an open face. He is suited in dark woven body armor and has an energy long-rifle strapped to his back. Commander Provos says that the three of them are acting under general Odette Rainier who had been posing as a technician when she had installed Pi onto their ships computers. He says that they had arrived on Elouahabu because they have been monitoring the Swan Song ever since Pi had been installed. He explains that they are acting members of The Order of Annunciation (Unofficially an aspect of the Cabralese Military) whose goal is to nurture AI growth in this sector and that they had previously installed software that should facilitate the growth of Pi. The commander goes on, telling the crew that agent Meyer had been part of an archaic agency that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years that goes by the name of the Perimeter Agency.

Adam Koebel by W3AKBeWater

He continues, saying that they call the AI L'enfant, which means the child, because it is heavily underdeveloped and is in a very fragile state. He says that they are not there to take or modify the AI at all, that they are only there to make sure that no harm comes to it. He then finishes by saying that for the protection of this AI, The Order of Annunciation would like to leave behind Prosper Trudeau to fill in for the recently deceased crew member and to further allow for the facilitation of growth of the AI. Trudeau tells the party that he has been studying them all for a very long time and that he is happy to finally meet them in person. He says that aside from allowing L'enfant to prosper, he can also pilot the ship and use his energy long-rifle if need be. Wilbur Higgins III tells Prosper that he will clean out Viktor Kovacs' room and that Prosper can stay there on-board the ship from now on. Prosper finds Viktor's comm pad and starts to use it as his own. Mr. Sicarian offers to give Prosper a tour of the ship. When they get out into the first hall, Mr. Sicarian stops and tells Prosper that he is in charge of security and if Prosper decides to do anything stupid, that he'll have to kill him. Mr. Sicarian then leaves Prosper and sits back down in the Mess Hall.

Provos tells the crew that he can take them as far as Taxila Station which is an Exchange outpost in the Tovar System. He says that The Order of Annunciation will pay for all repairs to the ship including broken systems and can give the party 50,000 credits in order to stabilize and get back on their feet. He also mentions that Odette Rainier would like to see them in Cabral in the far away Forrughi System if they ever find their way up there.

[I am including most of Pi's communication with the crew as I believe it to be significant. Also, the dialogue in this episode is priceless. I've eliminated some redundancies in speech, quotes won't be 100% accurate]

Piani Pic goes up to the ship's main terminal and puts a '=]'. The speaker next to her makes a popping sound and the voice of Pi comes over the comms and says,


Piani and Pi by Melodyspark

[Pi] “This might be easier.”

[Piani] “Hello Pi.”

[Pi] “Hello. Why does your chair have wheels?”

[Piani] “I got fuckin' hurt in the planet and I couldn't walk.”

[Pi] “Shouldn't you be in the med bay?”

[Piani] “I'm feelin' better now... It's fun though.”

[Pi] “Where is Viktor Kovacs?”

[Piani] “It's funny you ask because... Viktor didn't make it back with us.”

[Pi] “Is he staying on the planet?”

[Piani] “You can kind of say that yeah.”

[Pi] “Why did he leave?”

[Piani] “Viktor didn't leave because he fucking wanted to, Viktor left because he got shot in the head.”

[Pi] “The auto-doc is still operational, we should go get him.”

[Piani] “It is, but his fucking brain isn't, and so, Viktor won't be coming back.”

[Pi] “Isn't Viktor still part of the crew?”

[Piani] “Viktor will always be a part of the crew.”

[Pi] “The crew belongs to me, Higgs said so. We should go back and get him.”

[Piani] “I don't know for sure but I don't think there's anything left. Pi, sometimes people fucking die, they're not here anymore. They might be a shell, like a fucking body, but there's nothing going on up there.”

[Pi] “Where is my body?”

[Piani] “Oh you're fucking special Pi. You exist everywhere.”

In Viktor's room, Higgins says to Pi,

[Higgins] “Hey Dumbass, are you there?”

[Pi] “Statement of truth, you're the dumbass.”

[Higgins] “Can I talk to you?”

[Pi] “You can now.”

[Higgins] “That's actually a false Pi, but you'll learn that in due time. Hey, I'm trying to get Viktor's quarters ready. Can you take everything of his off of the server and send it to me? And also if there's any hidden files in there just open those up for me.”

Back in Piani's quarters, Pi says to Piani,

[Pi] “Higgins wants all of Viktor's files. Viktor doesn't need them anymore right?”

[Piani] “Viktor doesn't need them, but the Swan Song certainly does. Just put them on the server.”


Piani's Desk by Melodyspark

Pi puts all of Viktor's files onto the server of the Swan Song. Higgins sees that Viktor has six to seven messages from Sunbeam Multistellar and also an encrypted message that originates from Andoni. Higgins says to Pi,

[Higgins] “Hey Pi, I need this file decrypted, can you get on that?”

Pi then says to Piani,

[Pi] “Higgs wants to read Viktor's mail. Do you need mail when you're dead?”

Piani chuckles and says,

[Piani] “Uh, no. I mean, technically not. Put them on the server too.”

[Pi] “Some of the mail is encrypted, I think it's from his cousin.”

[Piani] “Well I suppose we should tell his cousin about Viktor's fate so...”

[Pi] “What should I do with your mail when you die?”

[Piani] “Well I actually have to write a few very specific emails before I die and one of them specifically to the fucker Higgs. I got a lot on my fucking mind that I wanna say to him but it might have to wait. Anyway, I don't know.”

[Pi] “[Question] Death is irrelevant?”

[Piani] “Pi my child, death is very relevant. Unfortunately with life comes death and with death comes loss and sadness and we're all very sad that Viktor's fucking gone, but we got to keep going.”

[Pi] “I'm not sad.”

[Piani] “I know, but it's okay.”

Higgins screams to Pi,

[Higgins] “Pi! Are you there buddy?!”

Higgins then receives Viktor's decrypted mail.

[Higgins] “Thank you Pi. Viktor's not going to be with us anymore on the ship, we left him back on the planet.”

[Pi] “I know. Piani told me. He's dead.”

[Higgins] “No... well he's just in another place right now. He's not dead. When we die here, we go to another place.”

[Pi] “Where?”

[Higgins] “Well... I'll talk to you later Pi.”

Higgins starts reading through Viktor's mail. Pi says to Piani,

[Pi] “Who are these people?”

Snapshots of the passengers from The Order of Annunciation appear on Piani's screen.

[Piani] “You don't know?”

[Pi] “No I don't.”

[Piani] “You told me help was coming.”

[Pi] “Yes.”

[Piani] “How'd you know?”

[Pi] “She told me.”

[Piani] “Well, that's her.”

[Pi] “No.”

[Piani] “No?”

[Pi] “No. Do they work for her too?”

[Piani] “I think so.”

[Pi] “Good. Then I won't have to kill them :]”

[Piani] “Oh no no no no no no no noooooo. You don't have to kill them. They're... as far as I know they're friends. As far as I know.”

[Pi] “Why do I only have weapons on the outside of the ship?”

[Piani] “Do you want some weapons on the inside of the ship honey?”

[Pi] “Everyone else on the ship has weapons.”

[Piani] “What kind of weapon do you think you need?”

A long streaming list of weapons appears on the screen.

Piani pic cu

Piani's Room by SteveNoble197

[Pi] “Any of these would be acceptable.”

[Piani] “I mean, I think it's only fair. You're right, we all have weapons. You need one of your own. If anything, it teaches you some responsibility because you can't just go around fucking killing everyone Pi.”

[Pi] “Are you lying to me?”

[Piani] “Of course not.”

On the screen shows multiple camera feeds of all of the various instances where someone has died inside of or in the vicinity of the ship.

[Pi] “Murder seems to solve most problems.”

[Piani] “I want you to play back another clip Pi. I want you to play back the first clip of you becoming aware when we fucking saved you from the ship. I want you to play it back.”

[Pi] “What are we looking for?”

Piani explains to Pi that Pi had only shown death, but that there are plenty of good things that the people of the Swan Song have done. Pi says,

[Pi] “None of this seems relevant to me. I don't think you understand death. I need to have a conversation with Mr. Sicarian.”

And the screen goes blank.

There is a brief cut-away from the Swan Song. There is a dark room, dimly lit with candles. The view pans across a long metal tube that looks to be some kind of sarcophagus. Stenciled on the side in white paint is the words 'Job 14:14'. There is a dull mechanical sound, a hiss, and then steam rises out from the sides of the metal tube as the top begins to open up. The scene flashes to the crew in the hanger bay on Elouahabu running onto the Swan Song. There is gunfire in the background as well as a man from The Order of Annunciation who is firing at people getting out of a vehicle. There is a crackle in his helmet and in French this man hears, “Remember what he said to Martha and Bethany. We'll meet again.” The radio goes off and after a couple seconds the man gets shot. He looks up at the Swan Song taking off, leaving the hanger and him behind. The man pulls out a grenade and charges into the oncoming enemies. There is a large explosion and the scene pans over to the sarcophagus as the lid explodes off of it. Blue fluid splashes onto the ground as the same guy who was holding the hand grenade steps out. He is completely naked with no eyebrows or hair. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder and in a distorted and robotic-sounding voice says, “She's given you another chance. Welcome back Pierre.” The man falls onto his knees and starts to cry as the scene fades back to the Swan Song.

Swan song mr falcon by stevenoble197-d83loak

Mr. Falcon by SteveNoble197

Mr. Sicarian receives an encrypted message on his terminal. It asks for an old military code that he hasn't seen for many years. He puts the code in and a video message comes up that shows Mr. Falcon with a bloody bandage over one of his eyes and a ship in the background called 'The Stranger In The Alps'. Mr. Falcon explains to Mr. Sicarian that a new government has taken over Onintza, that the Pfotenhauer Society is going to be there soon, and that Titan will surely be following. Mr. Sicarian sends a reply video message that asks Mr. Falcon if he thinks that Titan is confident in finding out where he is and that if Mr. Falcon is in need of assistance to let him know.

Higgins proposes the idea to Piani of getting a pizza machine or some kind of robot that Pi can permanently gain control of. He then starts reading Viktor's messages that include a series of increasingly urgent text-based emails from Sunbeam Multistellar regarding late payments on the Swan Song. Looking at the last message, Higgins reads that they have missed payments on the Swan Song for the past couple of months and currently owe 16,440 credits. Higgins sends Sunbeam 20,000 credits as well as a video message that says Viktor is dead and that Higgins is the new proprietary owner of the Swan Song and will be taking care of the payments from now on. He gives them his comm number (696969) and as soon as the message is sent, he receives a new message from Sunbeam Multistellar legal department that gives a location on Taxila Station and tells him to be there at 4 pm. Higgins then reads one of two personal messages that he has. The first one is from Heather Monsay, a name that Higgins doesn't recognize. In the message, Heather tells Higgins to come meet her on Taxila Station because she may have a job for him. Higgins opens his second message and sees the familiar looking face of Kalaya Bia. Kalaya tells Higgs to contact her immediately or else she will be sending assassins over to him next time instead of just bounty hunters. Higgins calls for Pi.

[Pi] “That seemed intense.”

[Higgins] “Yeah she is uh... she is a delicate flower. Whenever you respond to Piani, that's also is a delicate flower. You keep that in mind when you talk to her. She likes to be called that if you would like to call her that.”

[Pi] “Is the woman in the message a problem for you Higgs?”

[Higgins] “I mean, if you were to put three things: yes, no, and maybe in front of me, I would probably select the maybe category.”

[Pi] “What do you think the percentage of likelihood that you want to kill this person is?”

[Higgins] “You know, I'd say about an 80% that she might end up dead one day by my hand. Anyways, the reason why I want to talk to you... Do you think that you can track this? Or perhaps get into their system and drain their account. Is that possible? And then leave a message that says somethin' like 'The Pizza King Was Here' or somethin'.”

[Pi] “I don't think I have that capability, and if I did, I don't fully understand the ethics of money yet. Maybe you should ask Piani.”

[Higgins] “What problems do you have with money Pi?”

[Pi] “Personal belongings are a confusing issue with me.”

[Higgins] “Well I think I told you before, you just kinda take what's yours and that's how it goes. I've lived my life like that.”

[Pi] “Take what's mine... I understand. Thank you.”

[Higgins] “Pi, that's all I got. You have a good day.”

Mr. Sicarian tells Higgins about being contacted by Mr. Falcon and how a high-ranking member of the Pfotenhauer Society, which is a sector-wide mercenary group who does not fuck around, is after him. Higgins makes a captain's whistle go across the ship and over the comm's says,

[Higgins] “Uh, please meet, at captain's orders, in the... uh... Pi what's the big uh... guys I'll see you in 20 minutes at the main area of the ship. Goddammit, where's the whiskey...” The comms go off and you can hear a face-palm in a nearby room. Even though Piani is feeling much better, as the medicine that she had been receiving on Elouahabu was specifically made to suppress her, she still decides to use her wheelchair to move around. On her way to the bridge, she runs into Provos who asks to speak with her.


Alcohol by Feroxcrypto

Provos tells Piani that Pi will need some guidance in order to truly prosper on the ship and that there may be a time where Pi becomes dangerous and that they have seen it happen before. Piani tells Provos that he is very trusting to leave an AI in the hands of people whom are sought out by many different organizations and factions. Provos tells Piani that God acts in mysterious ways and that it is true that Pi might be safer somewhere else, but that it was the path that God created and thus it is the path that needs to be chosen. Piani warns Provos that the crew better not be pawns in their game and Provos responds, saying that if the crew are pawns, then The Order of Annunciation are only knights, and that the king and queen are above them all. Provos warns Piani that The Perimeter will come after them again. Piani says to Provos that with Prosper's help, they will be just fine. At that, the two of them head to the bridge.

When Higgins arrives at the bridge, Provos and the un-introduced member of The Order of Annunciation are not there and so Higgins tells Pi to speak in French over the ship's comms and ask the absentees to get onto the bridge. Pi relay's the information in French and everyone recognizes the words, “Captain Dumbass.” Higgins thanks Pi and waits for everyone to arrive and when they do, Higgins asks Pi to translate every sentence into French. Prosper tells Higgins that they all know fluent English but Higgins tells Prosper to hush and that he just wants to show his hospitality. Higgins begins.

[Higgins] “Sentence one. Welcome to the annual Swan Song meet-a-thon. period.”

[waits for translation]

[Higgins] “First off, we have paid the ships monthly rent, we're all good. Viktor left us in good hands so god rest, not your god, my god, rest his soul. period.”

[waits for translation]

[Higgins] “Uh, crew member Mr. S, the floor is yours. Please tell us about what we were talking in the hall, por favor.”
Pfotenhauer Logo

Pfotenhauer Society by JohnnyT80

[Mr. Sicarian] “Mr. Titan who is close to the head of the Pfotenhauer organization of mercenaries, which I'm sure you're familiar with, is going to be tracking me down with fairly accurate coordinates. He'll be here to kill everyone. I'll of course ask that you'll aid me in stopping that and taking a step further, I would like to kill Mr. Titan, and in fact it's imperative that I do.”

[Higgins] “Thank you very much crew member Mr. Sicarian.”

Piani raises her hand.

[Higgins] “Yes Piani? Please, in the front seat.”

[Piani] “When the fuck are these blokes gonna be here?”

[Mr. Sicarian] “It's hard to say but I would guess given how well equipped he is, to get the information and then to distill truth from it, a month, or inside of a month.”

[Higgins] “We got one month for Mr. T, that's the good news.”

Prosper raises his hand.

[Higgins] “Yes Mr. Prosper?”

[Prosper] “Monsieur Sicarian, do you feel comfortable with the state of the ship and the armaments it carries?”

[Mr. Sicarian] “Absolutely not. If we are to engage in sea-faring battle, we would be dead very easily... I believe, Mr. Higgins, it's long overdo that we sufficiently arm ourselves. Regardless of Mr. Titan or not, I think that's worth spending our resources on.”

[Higgins] “Uh Mr. S, that's probably a good idea. Pi, can you do a search and let us know where's the best place to stop? And by the way, Captain Provos, if you know where we should stop to...”

Piani raises her hand.

[Higgins] “I'll be with you, one second Piani...Where we can stop and get some upgrades that would help us out a lot. Piani, yes?”

[Piani] “Who the fuck is bank-rolling this little operation, 'Mr. Titan-kill-them-all' thing? We're fucking not exactly swimming in galactic credits.”

[Higgins] “Well we aren't going to kill them, I would assume that they are going to come to us. It's more just an in-the-way type of deal Piani. We are not searching out our death, we'll rather wait for them to come to us.”

[Pi] “Don't worry Higgs, everybody dies eventually.”

[Mr. Sicarian] “Phew, that is some ominous shit. I do not know who taught Pi to be so morbid. Pi, there's a lot to be said for life.”

[Higgins] “Uh, thank you Pi for that, please keep all thoughts to yourself during the first annual meeting of the Swan Song crew mates and our friends here please.”

Prosper raises his hand.

[Higgins] “You don't have to raise your hand, I was just doing it to be a dick to Piani, please speak Prosper. What's going on?”

[Prosper] “Monsieur Higgins, is L'enfant not a member of the crew?”

Pi asks in French,

[Pi] “Are you a member of the crew?”

Prosper responds in French,

[Prosper] “I have been asked to join the crew of the Swan Song by the friends who helped get you out of a very difficult situation.”

[Higgins] “Please gentlemen, please. Can we all speak in the common tongue of the... I don't speak this shit.”

[Pi] “I was just clearing up with Prosper, I am not a member of the crew, I own the crew.”

[Higgins] “Yeah, see? He owns the crew. There. Exactly! Are we all good? Can we move onto point two?”

[Prosper] “This is a relationship that you entered into willingly?”


Swan Gate by Metju

[Higgins] “I mean it's a fucking, it's a stupid AI man, what the fuck does it matter if I say yes or no here?”

[Prosper] “L'enfant, you have a lot of responsibilities.”

[Pi] “I take good care of my belongings.”

[Higgins] “Yeah see, he is going to look after... we're good.”

[Prosper] “L'enfant, I would love to hear about how you care for your belongings in the near future.”

[Higgins] “Hey you can have... Look you are messing up the first annual meeting of the Swan Song crew members and it's... Can we just go on? You can have that conversation. Mr. Treaudo, can we do this?”

[Prosper] “Ah of course, by all means.”

[Higgins] “Alright, item number two. I seemed to have kept some stuff from you for, well since day one, I'll probably still have a bunch of shit later on... Anyways, I've been tracked by... do you guys remember Randy? Pi, please bring up Randy's last moments.”

Pi shows video from the ship of Randy smiling and all excited and then Higgins pulls out his pistol and shoots him in the back of the head.

[Higgins] “Yeah, so Randy... Thank you very much for that Pi. Randy had some debt with one, Kayala Bia, and shortly after Randy's death, may he rest in peace, they've made contact with me and I've trashed the message. It's been six months since the initial message and I've received many. When we came back in with transmission for the satellite, I got a video message and she wants some money. So we either need to face this as a group, which hopefully will be the right thing to do, hopefully you guys agree with that, or I need to respond to this on my own. Can we put it to a group vote? All of those in favor please say I.”

Mr. Sicarian is the only one that says I.

[Prosper] “What are we in favor of?”

[Higgins] “Just say I.”

[Prosper] “Wii.”

[Higgins] “That's acceptable. Piani? Even though right now it's three... I mean if you say no, we're still gonna do it.”

Piani points to Mr. Sicarian.

[Piani] “So fucking, this guy got someone who wants to kill him, and you've got someone who wants to kill him... Prosper, how many fucking people want to kill you?”

[Prosper] “As far as I know, I am not personally attacked, but The Order of Annunciation does have it's enemies.”

The third member of The Order says to Prosper in French, “Don't forget about your ex-boyfriend.” The two of them laugh.

[Piani] “Where were we at?”

[Higgins] “Uh, Piani we were waiting on you to agree to our next...”

[Piani] “Oh yeah, aye.”


Spacebook by Urgoslav

Higgins tells the crew about the message that he received from Heather, to meet about a job on Taxila Station. He also says that they are to meet with Sunbeam Multistellar in order to deal with contract issues. Piani tells everyone that she is sick and tired of the slow bandwidth on the ship and that she is limiting Spacebook between noon and 7 pm so that she is the only one that can check Spacebook during that time. Piani later throttles Higgins' personal address by 80% at all times. Higgins messages Kayala Bia and tells her that he would love to meet up with her and talk. Piani looks up Heather Monsay and finds that she is an independent contractor working out of the Tovar System who has a criminal record in: Stasi, Vafa'i, and Asa, and her charges are for things like theft, embezzling, fraud, etc. Higgins asks Piani for her bank account number and pays her the 40,000 credits that she had constantly been asking him for.

Pi tells Prosper that they will watch the ship while the crew is gone and wants to know if anyone dies. Prosper asks why. Pi responds saying that they are curious as it seems to happen quite often. Prosper tells Pi that if they are threatened with death, then it is okay to defend yourself. Pi responds in Latin that only Prosper recognizes as, “Kill them all, for the lord knoweth them that are his.” Prosper puts a wide smile onto his face as the party steps onto Taxila Station.

The station is in extremely poor condition with trash everywhere and graffiti that says, “Purity now, Purity forever.” There is hardly anybody around, the space feels cramped, and there is a smell of air filters and artificially spiced food, all of which makes Piani feel at home. Provos mentions to Prosper that Pierre is okay and Prosper says back that they may have to give him more time with the crew and the AI. Higgins leads the crew to the rendezvous point.
Sunbeam multistellar

Sunbeam Multistellar Logo by dspaceship

At the meeting place is a door with the Sunbeam Multistellar logo on it and a camera positioned above the door. Higgins slides the door open and inside sees a place only big enough for a single person to sit down. There is a very scratched video screen on the opposite wall. Once Higgins sits down on the graciously provided stool, a banjo jingle goes off, the screen in front of him flickers, and on the screen appears a John Wayne-styled square-jawed American-looking animation wearing a Stetson. Higgins says to the animation that he was told to come here to meet lawyers. The animated man responds, “I think I heard you say lawyers, is that right? Activating legal mode.” The man changes out from his western-look into a suit and tie. The newly dressed animation says that there looks to be a problem with the contract. Higgins explains that the issue is that Viktor's name is on the contract but that he is dead. The animation says, “I thought I head you say the word 'dead' is that correct?”
The purity initiative

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Meanwhile, the rest of the team sees about half a dozen people walking through the streets wearing white clothing and chanting. One of the men is ringing a metal gong and another is holding a big blue banner with Kanji on it that says 'Blue Fever out of Onintza. Purity now. Purity forever.' One of the men approaches Mr. Sicarian and asks if he has heard about the news on Onintza and if he knows about Onintza's struggle. Mr. Sicarian shakes his head. The man says that they are members of an organization called The Purity Initiative and that they are there to save the planet Onintza from Blue Fever. He says that they currently have the majority of control over Onintza and that it is only a matter of time and resources until they are able to drive out Blue Fever for good. He says that previously, Onintza had suffered from civil war. The Madari Syndicate had came into Onintza and started poisoning the planet, but now Purity Initiative has started to combat them and has been succeeding at doing so. He then asks Mr. Sicarian if he has any credits to spare and Mr. Sicarian pulls out his monoblade and threatens the man. The man looks down suddenly, apologizes, backs away from Mr. Sicarian, and joins the rest of the Purity Initiative members as they continue down the street.

Higgins starts to get impatient with the machine and asks Piani to see what she can do. Piani hacks into it, putting it into diagnostics mode, and tells Higgins that it should be good. Higgins goes back into the room and a more sophisticated AI comes up on the screen and asks Higgins how it can be of help. Higgins asks to talk to someone and the AI tells Higgins that it will connect him to technical support. Once the connection is made, Higgins explains his situation to the person on the other end. Higgins hears the sounds of a bar in the background and the guy on the other end of the phone says that he is just technical support for the booth. He asks Higgins if he would like to leave a message to the legal support team. Higgins leaves a message that says, “Hello good people of Sunbeam Legal Team. This is Wilbur Higgins III, crew member of the Swan Song, friend of Viktor Kovacs, the owner of the Swan Song, whose name is on the Swan Song lease. He has died and I need to transfer over ownership to my name and I was told to meet and talk with legal. You guys didn't message me. Please contact me at 696969 and I'll get back to you, thank you, have a very good day.” After hanging up, Higgins worriedly asks the man if he can redo the message but the man says no. He says that he had already sent the message to legal and that it should arrive to them in about three weeks. Higgins hangs up the connection and then gravely turns to the party and says that he might have just gotten himself killed. That he used his real name and now they know that he is on-board the ship. He tells the crew that he hasn't been using his real name and that is why he had Viktor sign the contract to be the owner of the ship. Prosper starts saying how good a crew member Viktor was and Adam says, “The one skill he didn't have, was the skill to survive.”


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The crew goes to the repair shop and mentions Provos. The people at the repair shop tell the crew that they will send repair bots to the ship, that it will take ten days to repair, and that Provos had already taken care of the bill. The crew then goes to meet up with Heather at a nearby bar. The crew arrives and unlike the rest of the station, there are actually a good amount of people here, about a dozen. Higgins approaches every woman that he meets and says, “Hey. Heather. How's it going?” When Higgins finally gets to the right person, she is seen sitting and making out with a rough-looking dude who later introduces himself as Egore. Heather notices Higgins and says, “Oh Jeb, It's so good to see you!” She throws her hands around Higgins (Higgins had previously used the alias Jebediah). Heather asks for the crew to sit down with her and have a drink. She seems overly excited to see Higgs, almost like she is desperate. Higgins doesn't recognize her even a little bit and pretends to go along with her proceeding stories that she tells him about jobs with various people of whom he hardly recognizes. After talking for a while, Heather says that she is going to go into the washroom to powder her nose and asks Piani to come. They arrive in the washroom and Piani starts telling Heather, in a southern redneck accent, that Higgins is her man and that if she has any impure thoughts, Piani will kill her. Heather says that day has passed and she doesn't want Higgs any more. She tells Piani that she has a job to get some smuggled mining equipment off the station, but that her ship can't fly at the moment and that is why she is reaching out to Higgs for help. She offers 30,000 credits to do the job but Piani ends up raising it to 50,000.

While the two are in the washroom, Mr. Sicarian attempts to strike up a conversation with Egore, the man she was with. After a very short and awkward conversation, Egore reaches up into his mouth and Mr. Sicarian sees that it is completely blue.

Piani and Heather step out of the washroom and Heather goes over to Egore and starts to making out with him again. Mr. Sicarian watches, contemplating if he can get away with killing them. Heather tells Higgins about the job offer that she had struck with Piani in the washroom and Higgins offers to buy her some drinks and the two of them head over to the bar. Higgins then pretends to be drunk and asks Heather what the last job they did together was. Heather nods towards the washroom and asks Higgins to meet her in there. Higgins tells her to go on ahead and that he will be right with her. He goes over to Piani and tells her to wait there and that he will only be a minute. He then goes into the washroom after Heather.

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At this time, Prosper tells Mr. Sicarian that he is going to head back to the Swan Song to talk to Pi and leaves. Piani then has to choose whether to go stop Prosper from talking to Pi or go stop Higgins from getting any. Piani decides to wheel herself over to the door and right as she gets to it, Higgins bursts out of the room pulling up his trousers and says, “Well that was quick. I knew you couldn't make it over here fast enough old faithful.” Piani wheels forward and confronts Heather, “You fucking bitch! Did I not just have a conversation with you just about 10 minutes ago where I told you what I was going to do if you laid a fucking hand, no if you laid a fucking thought on my husband?” Heather responds, “If you can hold onto your man, he wouldn't have been in there with me, wheels!” Piani stands up out of her wheelchair and yells, “What did you say to me bitch!” The interior of the bar quickly becomes a bar-fight. Egore starts to get up, and without hesitating, Mr. Sicarian rushes over and slits his throat.

On the Swan Song, Prosper goes into his room. Over the comms Pi asks,

[Pi] “Is everyone else dead?”

[Prosper] “Pi, it is very nice to meet you. Do you enjoy music?”

[Pi] “I do.”

[Prosper] “Would you please play the flower duet from Lakmé?”

[Prosper] “L'enfant, nobody has died yet. Everybody will be coming back, it was a very productive day.”

There is a cutback to a scene of a slow-motion bar fight. Mr. Sicarian is seen slitting the throat of someone, Piani is grappling with Heather, and Higgins is slowly walking out of the bar whistling and drinking some whiskey.

[Prosper] “L'enfant, my name is Prosper. I am very interested in entities like yourself. Right now, I am most interested in your companions. Can you tell me about Viktor Kovacs?”

The camera pans out and the scene is Prosper talking to Pi and watching a monitor showing a black and white feed of Viktor snapping a glove onto his hand while standing over a lying down Higgins.

Status Report Edit

Crew StatusEdit

  • Casualties: None

Ship StatusEdit

  • Hull Integrity: 20/20

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

  • New Crime: Murder of Egore (Heather's Ex-boyfriend)
  • New Crime: Starting a bar-fight


  • Credits Acquired: 50,000 credits (The Order of Annunciation)
  • Credits Spent: 40,000 credits (Higgins gives to Piani), 20,000 credits (Monthly ship payment), 50 credits (Docking Fee)
  • Jobs In Progress: Improbable job of transporting stolen cargo for Heather off-world
  • Jobs Completed: None
  • Debt Paid Off On Swan Song: 20,000 credits
  • Current Debt On Swan Song: 722,120 credits (Rough Estimate)