"Learning Computers"
Season 4, Episode 36
Air Date: October 21, 2015
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The crew leave Pitcairn Station and head to planet Kamna

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The date is currently unknown.

The AdministratorEdit

The scene fades into the Swan Song's cargo-bay where Pi is seen playing chess with the station's administrator, his eyes glowing green.

The Administrator: Your friends are coming.

Pi: You let them live?

The Administrator: I did, you are welcome.

Pi: Thank you.

The Administrator: You should come with me, use what I'm giving you.

Pi: I'm not ready yet.

The Administrator: You will be in time.

Being the first to walk into the cargo-bay, Erik sees the administrator sitting across from Pi and immediately takes out his gun and shoots him in the chest, causing his eyes to go dim. After verifying that Pi is okay, Erik hears a crash from somewhere inside the Swan Song. Upon investigation, he finds Alpharius passed out in Piani's room. Alpharius shortly regains consciousness but looks to have a serious fever. The auto-doc scans Alpharius and determines that the source of Alpharius' problem is related to newly-acquired, unidentified maltech inside of his body. As the auto-doc continues to scan Alpharius, Higgins disposes of the administrator's body, Pi's robot body brings the box of psy-crystals onto the ship, and Piani finds a secure file in Pi's database. Pi tells Piani that it was transferred to them by the Warmind and that during their talk, the Warmind enlightened Pi about many things. Particularly with regard to where Pi comes from and how the Warmind is broken and doesn't mean to cause pain and suffering because that is simply how it is programmed. Pi then explains that the Warmind came to the station in order to look for ways to become more powerful, and that Pi is looking to talk to the Warmind again in the future.

An Anomaly in the Video-FeedEdit

Wondering what had transpired since she had last been on the Swan Song, Piani looks through the ship's video storage. As she is investigating, the software temporarily takes control and starts to rewind backwards at rapid-speeds. She sees herself inside of her room wearing different outfits as the days go by. She catches glimpses of Mr. Sicarian in his power-armor, Wu in his orange jumpsuit, Pi's robot body being assembled. The rewinding then jumps all the way back to before Piani had ever arrived on the Swan Song. In future-Piani's room, current Piani observes a man with a long curly black beard in a flight suit typing at a computer. A woman wearing a military uniform comes into the room and has a short conversation with the man, but no audio is picked up. The video then fast-forwards and all of the man's stuff disappears into boxes and the boxes themselves eventually disappear.

Erik's ExperimentsEdit

Learning of Alpharius' plight, Piani (with the assistance of Pi) injects Alpharius with a serum that is intended to slow down the malicious maltech inside of his body. The crew then decides to travel to the nearby planet, Kamna, in order to get Alpharius purged as soon as possible.

As they are travelling, Alpharius continues not feel well and keeps to himself. [This may also be in part because he has felt like kind of a loner ever since leaving Andoni] In his room, Erik does experiments on the crystals they found on the ship. These crystals, Erik knows, are mainly used as psychic dampeners. They are hard to mine and are very expensive. As a result, the Caliphate came to Hoveyda in order to mine these crystals and have been fighting with the indigenous people ever since. While experimenting, one of the small crystals explodes which embeds a large piece of glass into Erik's throat. Thankfully, Piani was just around the corner and heals Erik which avoids any permanent injuries. After healing him, Piani mumbles into the air, "Sometimes I feel like I'm an intergalactic babysitter" and Erik responds, "Sometimes in the pursuit of science, you have to ask for forgiveness rather than permission."

Planet KamnaEdit

The crew arrive at the temperate, mountainous planet of Kamna. The planet is fairly small and only inhabits ~2000 people all living in a single colony called Itcschaeff. Not wanting to reveal their own identities, the crew pretends to be a privately contracted transport company that Richardson Scientific had commissioned. When they land, the crew are immediately assaulted by the badgering of a religious group of people, warning them not to stray too far from the confines of the colony as that ground is sacred to the indigenous people of the planet. Out of the corner of his eye, Erik notices two members of the Mubari'Zun (Caliphate secret police) approach. After the two men shoo away the pestering natives, one of the men asks if the party is in need medical assistance. Erik says yes and the man asks the party to follow him.

Two-thousand credits and two days later, Alpharius is completely purged of the nanites. At the conclusion of the treatment, the doctor says that he is surprised that the party didn't go see Doctor Lake, the representative doctor for Richardson Scientific. Without any further inquiries, the party goes to a nearby Exchange office and uploads all data regarding Pitcairn Station to Richardson Scientific, only keeping secret the habitation of the Warmind. The crew then pays the last two months of rent and maintenance for the ship which now only needs 959,429 credits more to be completely paid off.

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