In "Illuminati, Robot Body," the audience learns of a group of individuals (22) that appear to be the Space Illuminati, and are later named to be called the Luminary.

Known MembersEdit

# Name Codename Notes
1 Wilbur Higgins Jr The Charter Wilbur's father, is in a wheelchair, most respected member (Shuts everyone else up),
2 unknown The Intellect Male. Good with AI's
6 Mr Titan The Plan Former member. Killed by Mr. Sicarian in Story of the Dagger Wielder.
10 Captain Buford The Fortune
11 unknown unknown Majidi, Male (?), maybe The Problem?
12 unknown unknown Located on or near Vinaya
18 Constantine Fang unknown
19 Wilbur Higgins III The Con
21 unknown unknown Informed of possible genocide of the mutant inhabitants in Episode 27.
- unknown The Divine (possibly not a member, but follows naming scheme) Possibly from Hoveyda, the name would fit with a powerful precog in position in the Hoveydan Caliphate.
- Ms. Whirlwind The Barricade Member of Pfotenhauer Society
- unknown The Wrangle their planet is near either Andoni or Bazignos
- unknown The Bleed Woman in a Highbeam Fleet style pirate outfit
- unknown The Problem Tall black woman who constantly talks on a phone, speaks the same language as the Majid Mandarinate
- unknown The System able to take control of human bodies, likely an Artificial Intelligence

Notes Edit

  • Number 9 is either The Baracade, The Bleed, or The Problem, and does not get along with Fang at all
  • The Blade (unknown) is not a member of the Luminary in part due to Wilbur Higgins Jr.

Former MembersEdit

Known MeetingsEdit

  • December 3200 - called by Wilbur Higgins III - Meeting place Bazignos
    • Members present
      • The Charter, The Con, the Fortune, the Barricade, the Bleed, the Problem, Fang
    • They discuss the Andoni destruction, Higgins III asking "Was that us?" The Barricade responds saying that the hardware was, but they're still discussing it, and sadly The Wrangle could not come, even though his planet is close (unknown if this means Andoni or Bazignos
    • Wilbur says he called the meeting in part because he has an Pi on his ship, he asks if #2 can help. The Barricade responds that The Intellect is busy with an escaped Capital Fleet
      • He mentions the body Piani Pic is building for Pi, the Charter says to keep an eye on it, the body doesn't matter, but just don't let it go
    • Wilbur then mentions Mr Titan's upcoming fight, he could not come to the meeting, but the Barricade and the Bleed mention that they may no longer want Titan in charge, and they talk about Mr Sicarian as a possible replacement
      • Higgins mentioned Sicarian's mutations (fear tentacles), the Problem says that Wilbur will be put in direct communication with the Divine, who has some thoughts on it
    • Higgins says he can't trust his communication systems with Pi on-board, and the Fortune says they will work it out
    • The Fortune then introduces a new crew member, Erik Fretheim
    • The Problem congratulates Higgs on his good work with getting Rajani Van Dorne into a good position
    • Higgins is given an advance by The Fortune
    • After the Fortune leaves, Higgs tries to have a talk with his father, but is shot down repeatedly
      • His father seems very disappointed in him, and did believe him about Howard, and although he is being very rude to Higgs, Higgs is still respectful to him
  • "The Gang Tries to Sell an Eye and/or Genders Without Number" - Wilbur Higgins III meets with "The System," who is able to take control of human bodies
    • Members present
      • The Con, The System
    • Higgins wishes for something to be done about Pi, he wants it removed, as he is growing to distrust the AI.
      • The System says he will take it the the council, as it is above him
      • Wilbur tells The System that Pi is aware of the council, as it hacked into the council's email.
    • The System wishes to direct the conversation instead towards Wilbur's failures, particularly involving allowing the events of "Story of the Dagger Wielder" to happen.
      • Wilbur has been tasked with finding a new member for the group after The Plan's death. Wilbur wishes for Mr. Sicarian to take this position, but the group does not trust him.

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