Madari Syndicate
Madari syndicate
by dspaceship
Homeworld Vinaya
Tag SecretiveAll assets purchased by this faction automatically begin Stealthed. See the list of Cunning assets for details on Stealth.
Goal Inside Enemy TerritoryPlant a number of stealthed assets on worlds with other planetary governments equal to your Cunning score. Units that are already stealthed on worlds when this goal is adopted don’t count. Difficulty 2.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 3
Cunning 6
Wealth 5
HP 26 out of 29 max
Income 5 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 6
XP 3
Last Updated After GM Turn #13

The Madari Syndicate Created by JohnnyT80 [1]

A secretive multi-system crime syndicate that has managed to evade the law enforcement agencies on multiple worlds. They are the manufacturer and supplier of Blue Fever

Known to target struggling chemists for either paid employment or forced indenture-ship, it is speculated that they have labs producing and researching new and more powerful drug combinations in the hopes of even greater profits. Little is known about how they organize themselves though it is rumored that they use the chemical structure of serotonin as their symbol.