Majid Mandarinate
by dspaceship
Homeworld Majid
Planet Owned Majid
Planetary GovernmentThe faction’s permission is required to buy or import those assets marked as needing government permission. This tag can be acquired multiple times, once for each planet the faction controls.
PlutocraticOnce per turn, this faction can roll an additional d10 when making a Wealth attack.
Goal Commercial ExpansionDestroy a number of Wealth assets of rival factions equal to your faction’s Wealth rating. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets destroyed, rounded up.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 1
Cunning 3
Wealth 4
HP 15 out of 15 max
Income 3 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 4
XP 0
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Mahjid mandarinate1

Majid Mandarinate Created by ryannevill [1]


Majid Mandarinate Created by JohnnyT80 [2]

The Mandarinate is the ruling class on the planet of Majid. The Mandarinate was set up in the early 3190s by a group of families of Chinese descent with the aim of controlling all mineral rights and mining operations on Majid. This was done because of the discovery of large quantities of valuable minerals on the planet.

They have recently come into conflict with the New Prophet Christian Movement, which held assets on Majid and tried to undermine the Mandarinate's monopolic structures in many areas of the planet's economy. The attempt proved unsuccessful and all off-world assets have been successfully bought out. As a further response, religious articles have been banned on the planet.