Mr Sicarian
Mr sicarian cu
Mr. Sicarian's Room by SteveNoble197 [18]
Class Warrior
Race Human
Homeworld Onintza
Other Attributes
Hit Points 31
Level 5
Experience 24,750 / 32,000
Strength 10
Dexterity 14 (+1)
Constitution 9
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

Mr Sicarian is a character played by Geoff Robinson (EGiNcontroL)



  • Powered Armor Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - A heavier duty version of the Assault Suit, it provides better armor for the same weight.
  • Assault Suit Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - An exosuit with enhanced movement servos in joints, a self-contained atmosphere and multiple layers of ceramic plating. An assault suit is basically a scaled down suit power armor with enhanced mobility in battlefield conditions. While regular quality power armor slows down the wearer, the assault suit grants almost equal protection as power armor without compromising the wearer's range of movement. Using an exosuit requires special training, since the movement enhancing servos "run for you" with minimal muscular input. This means that a soldier with an exosuit can easily out perform a regular soldier in extended combat situations due to the more efficient use of energy. It requires one type A power cell per 24 hours of use and can be recharged on the ship.
  • Woven Body Armour Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Woven body armor is composed of assorted composites, plastics, and ceramic inserts. While bulky and cumbersome, it is effective armor under most circumstances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds.
  • Monoblade Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Monoblades are a family of bladed weapons ranging from monomolecular knives to chain-swords. While the wounds they inflict aren’t much more terrible than their un-powered brethren, they can affect even those targets wearing advanced armor.
  • Plasma Projector Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Thermal pistols and their larger, two-handed plasma projector cousins replace the beam of a laser with a small sphere of magnetically- shaped plasma. The spheres tend to dissipate at much shorter ranges than a laser beam, but do significantly more damage to targets within range and are not affected by ambient particulates.

Other gearEdit

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Plasma projector

Plasma Projector Created by lilbluehusky

Trophies and GiftsEdit

  • Dog Tags - After a long melee exchange with the last Madari Syndicate operator at the Subhadran station-- Valantine Siin, Mr. Sicarian took his dog tags for himself. They're inscribed with a name, an affiliation with a local Tovar military (Presumably Elouahabu), an affiliation with The Homeland Federation Army, and a serial number.
  • Mjolnir - A thunder gun was given to Mr Sicarian after his training on Sigrid in a show of comradery with his instructors and peers. Sicarian followed this with a drunken headbutt as thanks. As shown by the crude paintjob running the length of it, the gun's named after Thor's hammer. Thunder Guns specifically are known for and named after their loud, low vibrations capable of being felt as far as 30m from the weapon itself. On a typical hit, they deal 2d10 damage with an additional d10 added to the attack if the operators unmodified hit roll is 19 or 20.



  • He comes from the planet Onintza. He is a well kept and clean-cut person. Slicked back hair, clean clothes, usually wears a suit when not wearing his armor. Athletic/dexterous build and considers himself a mercenary by trade. A very quiet man that is very outspoken when it comes to business and money. Loosely based off "gentleman" Johnny Marcone from Jim Butchers, 'Dresden Files'.
  • Class Special Ability: Veteran's Luck
    • Once per fight, the player character can evade an attack that would have normally hit them.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

  • Background: Soldier
    • Men and women dedicated to war, soldiers exist on almost every world. Those described by this background are trained, experienced combatants who know how to use the gunpowder weaponry that is the baseline for all but the most primitive or most advanced worlds. Wherever others face the unknown, one can expect a soldier along to provide much-needed security.
  • Profession: Mercenary
    • Gold can’t always get you mercenaries, but mercenaries can always get you gold. That truism has led countless men and women to spend their lives in brutal brush wars and civil skirmishes. Mercenaries are rarely welcome on worlds with a strong central government, but enough worlds lack that quality to make their profession a persistent one.


  • Had augmentative surgery performed on Cabral.
  • Twitchlock Actuators: Neural override fibers are woven into the user’s hands and arms and linked to a perceptual modulator implanted at the base of the user’s brain stem. When presented with a direct exercise of hand-eye coordination, the twitchlock can be engaged to produce superhuman accuracy and precision. Any attack roll or skill check reliant chiefly on manual dexterity or aim can be rerolled, though the power surge inflicts one point of System Strain on the user. A given roll can only be rerolled once with this cyberware. While the twitchlock allows superhuman accuracy when engaged, the overrides fuzz ordinary nerve impulses and reduce the user’s Dexterity modifier by 1.


Mutation? Edit

  • Has some sort of ability that shoots out black tendrils that create immense fear on his targets. It has been confirmed to not be a MES based skill by a doctor on Strophios. Even Mr. Sicarian knows little else about the skill, other than that it can be improved through "training," which he seems to do off screen. In Thoe a doctor (knowledgeable about genetic modification) hinted this condition may be the result of a mutation.
Business Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character knows how to run a business and deal with other entrepreneurs.
Combat/Energy (+1)
Use of high-tech weaponry that relies on energy emissions such as lasers or plasma.
Combat/Primitive (+1)
Use of muscle-powered weapons such as knives, bows, or clubs, as well as thrown weapons such as grenades. This includes high-tech versions of these weapons.
Combat/Projectile (+1)
Use of mechanically-powered weaponry such as crossbows, pistols, rifles, and the like.
Combat/Unarmed Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Weaponless combat techniques. Unlike other forms of weaponry, a practitioner of unarmed combat can add their Combat/Unarmed skill to the damage roll as well as the hit roll. Characters with Unarmed-2 expertise are so good that they can even injure targets in powered armor and other gear that would otherwise prevent effective Unarmed attacks.
Culture/Onintza Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Knowledge Onintza's society, government, tech level, and laws.
Culture/Criminal Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is familiar with criminal subcultures and the protocols for dealing with black markets and underground organizations.
Exosuit (+1)
The character is trained in the use of powered exosuits. These forms of heavy armor are often used in dangerous environments ranging from asteroid mining to shock trooper assaults on enemy positions.
Perception Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character has keen senses, and is often able to notice details or hidden objects that elude other people
Tactics (+1)
The character is familiar with small unit tactics. They can set up and recognize ambushes, maneuver troops effectively in combat, and set up fighting positions sensibly. In the absence of Tactics skill, Leadership skill tends to produce only glorious defeats.
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  • Despises the sale of Blue Fever on his home world.
  • Aliases: "Jose Cook the Cook" or his code-name "The Cook".
  • Mr. Sicarian has an uncanny ability to shoot Morse Code with his Plasma Projector. It also has many names, including: "The Skeleton Key", "The Sandwich Press", "The Baja Blast" and "Human Resources".
  • Mr. Sicarian's assault suit is described as a black Halo/Spartan-like suit "without nipples".

Quotes Edit

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

  • One-Man Army - 22 Jan 3200: Managed to push back the threat of a boarding attack, killed the leader, killed 2 members of the boarding crew, boarded the enemy ship, killed two pilots after boarding, captured one engineer, disabled the enemy's weapons systems, and made it to the enemy bridge to commandeer, killing 3 more enemy crew members on the way to it. After injuring one more pilot, he managed to escape the depressurized room by jumping onto the Swan Song's cargo bay, escaping the pirate vessel's self-detonation.
  • John Woo - Has never been seen reloading or recharging his suit. And never will.
  • Titanfall - 1 Jan 3201: defeated and killed Mr. Titan in a traditional Pfotenhauer melee duel.
  • S has come to... - Retook control of Pfotenhauer Society after several years of absence.

Kill countEdit

  • Mr. Titan
  • Connor Wu
  • 2 High ranking Madari Members
  • 1 Mechanic
  • Slaves (number unknown)
  • 1 Military Drone
  • 7 Pirates (directly)
  • 5 Pirates (indirectly)
  • Several Purple Mutants
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