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Native Planet: Surema (not of the Asgard Sigma sector)

Culture: Neo-Judaism

Overview: The Nadashi are a fleet-nation formed of thirteen tribes. Having arrived in the sector a year prior, they have conquered the Pavi System and set up a blockade. Though the Exchange station managed to broadcast their arrival, no ship has managed to flee the system. Thus, the system has fallen silent to outsiders.

History: Originally of the planet Surema, the Nadashi were once a star-faring empire ruled by a strict king-priest class. Ultimately collapsing due to internal strife, the remainder fled into exile, making the suicidal jump into uncharted space. Thanks to pre-tech artifacts, they managed to arrive in Asgard Sigma, though the fleet was but a shadow of its former glory. Arriving in Piva sector, they quickly invaded the low-tech planets Doltza and Hadiyyah and began licking their wounds. Though the Nadashi are much weaker, intel gathered from the conquered planets show that the sector lies divided, with no singular policing force. Thus, the fleet, led by Isekiel, legendary prophet of the recent Exodus, prepares to set flame to the sleepy sector. Ships entering the sector have been seized and crews interrogated. The sector’s Exchange station was promptly jammed and boarded, but the Nadashi assume their presence is known due to the decreased amount of traffic entering Piva. News of the Ximenez and Sunbeam conflict have the Nadashi rallying their forces. With the two largest fleets in the sector at war, now is the perfect time to begin seizing new worlds.

Notable Figures:

  • Isekiel: (Prophet of the Dusts, Tongue of the Eternal) - Leader of the Nadashi fleet.
  • Yeja: (Boundless and Bonded, Progenitor of the Void, God of Armies, the All-One) - Nadashi God, based on the Judaic Yahweh.
  • Saisan: (The Defacer, the Dragon) - Neo-Satanic figure, depicted as a immense, blue-throated dragon who seeks to consume the universe. Based on the Judaic Shaitan.
  • Iron Prophets: Ancient prophets which led the Nadashi on their rise to power in their former sector, some two hundred years prior. Chief of the Iron Prophets was Tanam (Tae’nam), who wrote the majority of the Nadashi chronicles and ruled Surema upon arrival of the fleet for some six decades. The descendants of Tanam formed a tribe of kings. Therefore, when Nadashi speak of the mandate of the Iron Prophets, they are the referring to the code of laws the Nadashi have followed for the past two centuries, if not more.

Theology: Neo-Judaism, focused on the end of the seventh day of creation. Following the divine leadership of Isekiel, the Nadashi have set out to herald the Final Sounding of the seventh day. In essence, it is a proclamation of the Day’s End, though it has come to mean a holy crusade, as the Nadashi begin what will come to be known as the Heraldic Jihad. By ridding the stars of the impure, the Nadashi assure Yeja’s victory in defeating Saisan in an event known as the Convergence. The Nadashi also hold to physical liberation, granted by the Greater Manna, the second gift Yeja has delivered to his people. It is a potent, mind-altering drug that removes several emotional responses including fear, stress and anger. Whilst this makes for deadly warriors, it has the downside of causing brain tumours in all subjects. All Liberated ultimately succumb to the lethal side-affect. Despite this, the Nadashi see Liberation as a great honour. Even though few of them live past fifty, they are honoured as martyrs.

Sinless Fleet: Though the Exodus has left thinned out the fleet, the Liberated Nadashi’s lack of fear and emotion lend a strength far greater than their numbers would imply. They never freeze, panic or experience fear, stress or anger. Known as the Sinless, they are to the Nadashi what Space Marines are to the Warhammer 40k universe. Mechanics-wise, Sinless never rout or panic and have an effective Morale of 12. Thus, a Sinless engages in combat with perfect calm, which is rather terrifying for the enemy side. Even when being slaughtered, Sinless obey orders and perform optimally. Sinless commanders gain the benefit of always seeing the big picture and remaining entirely undistracted.