The Neo-France Restoration Movement is a Christian social and political movement with corporate roots that is led by their leader Lelie Omi. A few years ago the largest and one of the most profitable Cabral companies, CryEnix Industries created a secret artic base called Chelios. Where the brightest scientists on Cabral were brought. In secret for six years they developed new technical developments, and through those six years a dominant leader and religion took hold, Head Scientist Lovern Omi of the Catholic Christian Church. On October 1st 3193, CryEnix Industries revealed to the rest of Cabral the existence of Chelios.

The Taoist Liberation Front and Grand Marshall Essein were highly displeased with the secrecy of Chelios and began taking harsh actions against CryEnix Industries. Although CryEnix claimed that they wanted to develop the technologies they did for the betterment of society and the Taoist Liberation Front, the two parties eventually met an impasse in negotiations that led to inevitable war. CryEnix Industries rallied all of the anti-Taoist groups behind their cause and reformed under the name Neo-France Restoration Movement.

The Taoist Liberation Front level 3 armies were crushed even with superior numbers, because the Neo-France Restoration Movement had tech level 4 weapons. The Taoist Liberation Front launched a final last ditch effort, by attacking the head CryEnix Industries officials and the Neo-France Restoration leaders. Most of the officals died in the attack including Lovern and Julia Omi. The Taoist Liberation Front had belived that by doing this they had gained a foot hold in the war, but they were wrong. The Neo-France Restoration Movement realied behind Lelie Omi, the nine year old daughter of the ex leaders of the Neo-France Restoration Movement as a religious symbol.

After the victory over the Taoist Liberation Front and the public execution of former Grand Marshal Essein, Mademoiselle Omi took her God given place at the head of Cabral. After dissolving and reunifying financial institutions under the name of the Omi Catholic Christian Church, Mademoiselle began the second stage of the Grand Purge: the process of Unification. In this process, all legal citizens were to become registered and baptized Christians and subscribe to the Church. Those who elected not to were viewed as traitors and treated as such, while others fled the planet for fear the government's retribution.

Over the course of by removing the shackles of the Taoist Liberation Front and the Grand Purge, the population of Cabral spiked downwards from 38.2 million people to 150,000. As a side effect of the massive spike in population, nearly all human labor has been replaced by robotic labor on Cabral. Mademoiselle Omi has made it the goal of the Neo-France Restoration movement to create a revitalized Cabral and one in which bloodshed will never again have to occur.

Today, the Neo-France Restoration Movement is a republic, lead by its senate and only ceremonially lead by Lelie Omi. Though it is thought and rumored that a force known only as "La Fantome", a rumored AI or artifical intelligence rules the planet's government.