New Prophet Christian Movement
New prophet christian movement
by dspaceship
Homeworld Hoveyda
Tag MachiavellianOnce per turn, this faction can roll an additional d10 when making a Cunning attack.
Goal Intelligence CoupDestroy a number of Cunning assets of rival factions equal to your faction’s Cunning rating. Difficulty is 1/2 number of assets destroyed, rounded up.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 3
Cunning 6
Wealth 5
HP 29 out of 29 max
Income 5 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 4
XP 0
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
New prophet

The New Prophet Created by JohnnyT80 [1]

The New Prophet Christian Movement is a religious movement originating on Hoveyda. De-facto led by an enigmatic figure called The Prophet, the movement in its rhetoric stresses flat hierarchies and the equality of all sentients.

In the late 3190s, the movement has started to significantly increase its influence and political activities, focusing on labor rights issues and the fight against monopolized market structures specifically. Its recent involvement in union activities on Asa have put the movement at odds with powerful megacorp Sunbeam Multistellar.

During the takeover of Majid by the Mandarinate, in the early 3190s, the movement managed to gain a foothold in the mining industry that the Mandarinate was attempting to monopolize. To the displeasure of the Mandarinate, the New Prophets have recently managed to expand their influence among the mining class on Majid. Their control of a few minor mining interests turning them into a larger economic threat to the Mandarinate's hold on Majid.

According to a recent study, the rapidly growing New Prophet Christian Movement is particularly popular with working class sentients, but to a lesser degree also environmentalists from all strata of society. However, critics have accused the populist movement of pandering and manipulative rhetoric and pointed out the in-transparent nature of its funding.