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Onintza (Japanese: おにんざ) is an inhabited planet in the Vafa'i System, ruled over by a Royal Family.

While its populace has traditionally been known for their almost fanatic loyalty to the Royal Family, the planet is currently undergoing civil unrest due to a recent rise in the usage of Blue Fever. The Purity Initiative originated as a anti-drug lobbying organization and has quickly militarized following the boom in the black market distribution of the narcotic Blue Fever. Also at odds with the Royal Family are a group of very well armed "freedom fighters" going by the name of Onintza Libre, claiming to stand for the original basque people of Onintza.

Onintza is the one planet in the Sector where Level 5 technology is available. However, this pretech is held by the rebel forces, so the Royal Family are unable to benefit from its presence on the planet as of this time.

Government officials on Onintza claim that the situation is under control and investments have been made in harvesting equipment to ensure a steady food supply for all Onintzans.[1] However, there are reports of increased violence on the planet. Terror attacks by Onintza Libre have resulted in 112 deaths and the destruction of a major military facility. Royal Family officials have yet to comment.[2] Some sources speculate about a pitched battle between Royal Family and rebel forces but this could not be confirmed with certainty.

According to recent reports, the usage of the new drug Blue Fever has risen dramatically on Onintza.


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