Onintza Libre
Onintza libre
by dspaceship
Homeworld Onintza
Tag WarlikeOnce per turn, this faction can roll an additional d10 when making a Force attack.
Goal Planetary SeizureTake control of a planet, becoming the legitimate planetary government. Difficulty equal to half the average of the current ruling faction’s Force, Cunning, and Wealth ratings. If the planet somehow lacks any opposing faction to resist the seizure, it counts as Difficulty 1.
Asset(s) Assets Page
Force 4
Cunning 3
Wealth 1
HP 11 out of 15 max
Income 2 FacCreds / Month
FacCreds 3
XP 0
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Viva onintza libre

Viva Onintza Libre Created by Tahkai [1]

Onintza Libre is an armed organization on Onintza that has been variously described as group of freedom fighters or a terrorist organization by different observers. The group has Tech Level 5 pretech weaponry at their disposal and aims at dethroning the Royal Family.