Onintza Libre Assets
Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Hex System Planet
Base Of Influence Any 7 / 15 Special None None InfoBase of Influence assets are special, and are required for purchasing or upgrading units on a particular world. Any damage done to a Base of Influence is also done to a faction’s hit points. The cost of a Base of Influence equals its maximum hit points, which can be any number up to the total maximum hit points of its owning faction. A faction’s bases of influence don’t count against their maximum assets. A Base of Influence can only be purchased with the “Expand Influence” action, and not with a normal “Buy Asset” action 304 Vafa'i Onintza
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Onintza Libre Destroyed Assets
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Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Last Hex Last System Last Planet Turn Destroyed Reason Destroyed
Security Personnel Force 0 Military Unit FvF, 1d3+1 1d4 InfoSecurity Personnel are standard civilian guards or policemen, usually equipped with nonlethal weaponry or personal sidearms. 304 Vafa'i Onintza #12 ReasonDestroyed by Fate's Rangers in December 3200
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Onintza Libre Assets Turn Info
Turn: Info:
13 Healed 4 faction HP. Found themselves amazed they didn't die.
12 Attacked Pfotenhauer Society Pretech Infantry on Onintza with Security Personnel; Succeeded, delt 4 damage to Pretech
11 Refused to surrender. Bought Security Personnel
Last Updated After GM Turn #13

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