Pfotenhauer Society Assets
Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Hex System Planet
Base Of Influence Any 29 Special None None InfoBase of Influence assets are special, and are required for purchasing or upgrading units on a particular world. Any damage done to a Base of Influence is also done to a faction’s hit points. The cost of a Base of Influence equals its maximum hit points, which can be any number up to the total maximum hit points of its owning faction. A faction’s bases of influence don’t count against their maximum assets. A Base of Influence can only be purchased with the “Expand Influence” action, and not with a normal “Buy Asset” action 301 Naimi Pelasgon 
Pretech Infantry Force 9 / 16 Military Unit FvF, 2d8 2d8+2 InfoPretech Infantry are the cream of the stellar ground forces, elite troops kitted out in the best pretech weaponry and armor available, with sophisticated heavy support weaponry integral to the unit.
Asset Specific Note: Fate's Rangers
304 Vafa'i Onintza 
Hitmen Force 1 Special Forces FvC, 1d6 None InfoHitmen are crudely-equipped thugs and assassins with minimal training that have been aimed at a rival faction’s leadership. 202 Pilare Eurynome 
Lawyers Wealth 4 Special Forces CvW, 2d4 1d6 InfoLawyers as universal, whether sophists in immaculate suits or charismatic tribal skalds. Lawyers have the ability to tie an enemy up in the knots of their own rules, damaging assets with confusion and red tape. Lawyers cannot attack or counterattack Force assets. 301 Naimi Pelasgon 
Marketers Wealth 8 Tactic CvW, 1d6 None InfoMarketers can be deployed to confuse enemy factions into untimely investments and paralyze them with incompatible hardware and software. As an action, the marketers may test Cunning vs. Wealth against a rival faction’s asset. If successful, the target faction must immediately pay half the asset’s purchase cost, rounded down, or have it become disabled and useless until they do pay. 301 Naimi Pelasgon 
Capital Fleet Force 30 Spaceship FvF, 3d10+4 3d8 InfoCapital Fleets are the pride of an empire, a collection of massive pretech warships without peer in most sectors. Capital fleets are expensive to keep flying, and cost an additional 2 FacCreds of maintenance each turn. As an action, they may move to any world within three hexes of their current location. Planetary government permission is required to raise a capital fleet, but not to move one into a system. 602 Forrughi Cabral 
Space Marines Force 16 Military Unit FVF, 2d8+2 2d8 InfoSpace Marines are heavily-armored specialist troops trained for ship boarding actions and opposed landings. As an action, they can move to any world within one hex of their current location, whether or not the planetary government permits it. 301 Naimi Pelasgon 
Hostile Takeover Wealth 10 Tactic WvW, 2d10 2d8 InfoHostile Takeover assets allow a faction to seize control of damaged

and poorly-controlled assets. If a Hostile Takeover does enough damage to destroy a faction, the target is instead reduced to 1 hit point and acquired by the Hostile Takeover’s owning faction.

301 Naimi Pelasgon 
Pretech Manufactory Wealth 16 Facility None None InfoPretech Manufactories are rare, precious examples of functioning pretech industrial facilities, retrofitted to work without the benefit of specialized psychic disciplines. As an action, the owning faction can roll 1d8 for a Pretech Manufactory, and gain half that many FacCreds, rounded up. 301 Naimi Pelasgon
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Pfotenhauer Society Destroyed Assets
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Asset W/C/F HP Type Attack Counter Notes Last Hex Last System Last Planet Turn Destroyed Reason Destroyed
Pretech Infantry Force 0 Military Unit FvF, 2d8 2d8+2 InfoPretech Infantry are the cream of the stellar ground forces, elite troops kitted out in the best pretech weaponry and armor available, with sophisticated heavy support weaponry integral to the unit. 203 Hlif Girijia #12 ReasonCounterattack by Highbeam Fleet
Last Updated After GM Turn #13
Pfotenhauer Society Assets Turn Info
Turn: Info:
13 Gained Additional Stats and a Capital Fleet, Space Marines, Hostile Takeover, and a Pretech Manufactory (because the infighting stopped with Mr Sicarian as the new leader). Took No Action. Sicarian is still pondering the new goal of Pfotenhauer.
12 Attacked Onintza Libre's Security Personal with Pretech Infantry. Destroyed Security Personal. Attacked Highbeam Fleet's Space Marines on Girija with Pretech Infantry. Failed, took 10 damage. Attacked Highbeam Fleet's Harvesters with Organization Moles, Failed.
Last Updated After GM Turn #13

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