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Piani and Pi[1]

Summary Edit

The AI on-board of the Swan Song known as Pizza Pi or just Pi, is a piece of Pretech Artificial Intelligence found aboard the seemingly abandoned destroyer class vessel, the Pizza Party. Ximinez Shipyards declared the ship lost in January, 3200, giving salvage rights to anyone willing to return the ship's spike drive to them. Interestingly enough, even with an effort by Ximinez to suppress information about the AI, it seems as though their competitor, Sunbeam Multistellar, knows about the AI as well as the experimental power core contained within the Pizza Party, and have offered at least 50,000 credits if it were to be delivered to their affiliated ship, The Salt Lick.
The Gm, Adam Koebel, has discussed PI at length with the Swan Song community here. It has been revealed that the AI will learn from the crew and develop its personality, it has been referred to as a "bird with crippled wings" and a child that is very underdeveloped and in a fragile state. The AI had been installed onto the Swan Song by The Order of Annunciation and therefore Odette Rainier.
During the Warmind incident Pi was shown to be a much weaker AI when compared to the ancient entity. The Warmind was able to "strangle" Pizza Pi preventing them from helping their crew save the planet Andoni.


Trivia Edit

  • The cast kept referring to the AI as "Pizza Pie" which devolved into it's real name.
  • PI stands for "Pizza Intelligence" although sometimes abbreviated Pi.
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