Piani Pic
Piani pic cu
Piani's Room by SteveNoble197 [20]
Class Psychic
Race Human
Homeworld Majid
Other Attributes
Hit Points 11
Psi Points 16
Level 4
Experience 13,075 / 16,000
Strength 11
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14 (+1)
Charisma 13

Piani Pic is a female character played by Marcus Graham (djWHEAT).



  • Woven Body Armour Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Woven body armor is composed of assorted composites, plastics, and ceramic inserts. While bulky and cumbersome, it is effective armor under most circumstances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds.
  • Laser Rifle Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Laser pistols and laser rifles are the most common type of energy weapon. The phased multi-frequency beam is capable of penetrating any ordinary mist or haze, but a thick cloud of thermally-resistant particulate matter such as ash or sand can seriously degrade the beam.

Other gearEdit

Compad Expression error: Unexpected < operator.  Thermal Flare (x10)  Type A power cell (x5) 



  • She originates from the planet Majid, a planet known for it's wealth. She is of "average" size. She and her family were very poor while everyone around her was extremely rich. Her motivation in life is to acquire a large amount of money, as she never wants to be poor again. This brought her to the seedy underworld where she ran cons. She got caught after one of her longer cons and narrowly escaped, so she is now on the run from the law.
  • Class Special Ability: Psychic Powers
    • The passive ability to have psychic powers.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

  • What you were: Comm Crew
    • Commtechs operate a ship’s radio and tightbeam laser communications systems, and usually find additional duties in maintaining a ship’s computer software. A career spent talking to potentially unfriendly audiences give most commtechs a great deal of practice at keeping a smooth, persuasive line of speech.
  • What you are: Criminal Mind
    • The temptations of easy wealth lure a disturbing number of psychics, men and women willing to use their powers for personal advancement regardless of the cost to others. These criminals often need to keep on the move, as most planetary police departments prioritize psychic criminals above every other category of lawbreaker.


  • Piani is of average size, has short blonde hair with dark eyebrows and sideburns, and is mildly eastern-European looking.

Psionics Edit

Currently Piani has access to psionics from two Disciplines.

  • Mastered psionics have an activation cost of zero.
Precognition Discipline (Major)
Omen (Expression error: Unrecognised word "precognition". PP)

Once per hour, learn if a straight-forward decision leads to the precog's physical/mental state being damaged, in the next 10 minutes.

Terminal Reflection (Expression error: Unrecognised word "precognition". PP)

One minute before suffering an unexpected injury receive a warning vision. This danger sense goes numb for a day, if the psychic decides not to spend the activation cost.(Passive Skill)

Alternative Outcomes (5 PP)

When the psychic fails an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check she can immediately trigger this power to gain a second attempt at the roll.Re-activate this power by voluntarily rerolling a non-trivial success.

Biopsionics Discipline (Minor)
Biostasis (1 PP)

Stabilize a mortally wounded character with a touch. Success rate lowers after 3 rounds "dead". Cannot revive those dead from: dismemberment, poison, disease, old age.

Psychic Succor (3 PP)

Touch a character and heal 1d8 hit points plus target's CON modifier.

Purge Toxin (5 PP)

Eliminate a disease/poison from a target. Purged target makes a Physical Save at +2 + CON modifier. Restores a poisoned character to life with 1HP, if target died less than four rounds ago.


Computer (+2)
The character is skilled at operating and programming computers, as well as operating most advanced communications systems.
Culture/Majid Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Knowledge Majid's society, government, tech level, and laws.

Culture/World: This specialty must be taken individually for each specific world, and relates to knowledge of that world’s society, government, tech level, and laws. Level 0 in this skill also grants basic proficiency in that world’s most common language if the character is not already proficient in it.

Culture/Criminal Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is familiar with criminal subcultures and the protocols for dealing with black markets and underground organizations.
Culture/Spacer Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character knows the traditions and customs of interstellar spacefarers and deep-space colonists. They are comfortable in zero-g environments, and can identify ships and astronautic equipment.
Persuade (+1)
The character has a knack for convincing others of the truth and sincerity of their words.
Security Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is familiar with primitive and modern security systems, both in setting them up and defeating them. The character can pick a lock, defeat a retinal scanner, circumvent a pressure sensor, and otherwise attempt to overcome security measures.
Stealth Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character knows how to move silently, conceal their presence in shadows, and avoid notice.
Tech/Postech Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Mechanical and electronic technology developed after the Scream, including almost all of the technology in use on modern frontier worlds.


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  • Piani was the first character with a profile on Spacebook
  • Nicknames: PaiPai, PeePee and Panini.

Notable Feats and KillsEdit

  • Breaking Butterflies - 22 Jan 3200: Successfully operated an anti-fighter flak cannon, killing 4 pirates, wounding Higgins in the process, and breaching the environment of the mining station's dome.
  • Guilty Conscience - 22 Jan 3200: Managed to recover Higgins' severely-wounded body after it was hit by the flak cannon's shards.
  • Asimov's Laws? - 27 Jan 3200: Un-breaking the Ai named Pi on the ship the Pizza Party.

Kill count Edit

  • 4 pirates
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