The Pizza Party
Class Cruiser
Hull Cruiser
Free Mass */30
Power */50
Arsenal Unknown
Cargo Capacity Max: 6000 tons
Passenger Capacity 50/200
Jump Drive Experimental Spike Drive
Manufacturer Ximinez Shipyards
Owner Swan Song (Salvage Rights)
Crew All Deceased
Extra Info Possessed an artificial intelligence

The Pizza Party is a destroyer-type spike drive spacecraft. Due to a recent offering of salvage rights by Ximinez Shipyards rumors have sprung up on Space Net about possible experimental spike drives, power cores and the like due to the requirement of the return of the ships spike drive and the reward of 10,000 credits upon completion of returning its energy core. It is estimated, that if one were to salvage the ship whole, one could make upwards of about 300,000 credits.

The crew of the Swan Song managed to hire people from Majid to salvage the Pizza Party for them. It cost them about 35.000 credits and took 58 days to complete.

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