The President of the University of Anaximander and Anax One (PUAAO) is the head of territory and head of government of Anax One, as well as the head of the University. While technically bound by Anaximandan law and subordinate to the President and Parliament of planet Anaximander, Anax One has been an incorporated territory since 3096 and has thus largely governed its internal affairs, while external affairs, defense and some taxation issues remain in the hands of the Anaximandan government. As such, the PUAAO is in charge of all matters regarding the University except funding and constitutional matters, where the University Parliament and the planetary government must be consulted, as well as many internal affairs on Anax One. Additionally, the University President serves as the University's representative on an interstellar level and has historically held much informal power and had a high presence in Asgardian media. Most presidents have wielded influence far beyond the University itself and have thus regularly made Space's list of the 100 most influentlial people in the sector.

The exact limits of the University President's powers have changed over time and have often resulted in discussion with planetary authorities. Especially the legal status of the University's campuses on the surface of Anaximander has been a hot-button-topic for a long time, since the University President is in charge of the institutions but the planetary government holds jurisdiction over the land they are on. Effectively, most of the laws that are unenforced on Anax One, especially drug laws, are indeed enforced on the planetary campuses, with the exception of some laws regarding the specific research at that campus.

Currently, the Presidency is held by Eileen Xiaobo who got into power off a support base among the ProgSoc Faction. Her appointment was harshly resisted by the Conservative Faction with ads that targeted her past with SpacePsych band Radiant Amber, quoting some of the more extreme and graphic lyrics and insinuating political extremism.