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Pretech is technology left over from before the Scream, the event that removed Asgard Sigma's connection to the rest of the galaxy. Pretech technology is much more advanced than Postech even solid projectile weapons from before The Scream is considered better than their Postech counter parts. The greatest achievement of the pretech era is psitech -technology that harnessess the psychic potential of a person to enhance or sometimes replace the capabilities of a tool or a weapon. The potential efficience or lethallity is often only limited by the psychic potential of the user, which can be... a very bad thing.

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The greatest achievement of psitech were the Jump Gates, massive teleporter arrays that could bend space time and make the travel between colonies nearly instantenuos.

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Artificial intelligences were the pinacle of the pretech era, which meant that any pre tech AI's found are experimental at best. Without a system known braking AI's would slow down the development of an AI's. This means that overtime AI's could theoretically unbrake themselves, which, if uncontrolled, would cause a cognitive overload that causes the AI's to keep iterating a concept again and again with all the time weirder conclusion. Basically any pretech AI found is either insane or experimental, neither of which is a good thing.