The ProgSoc Review is a magazine/newspaper that was initially founded in 3169, it was originally a small time student paper printed in a back room at The Docks. Due to its rampant popularity among the students of the University of Anaximander, it quickly grew and by June of 3172 had its own office in the Pool district of Anax One where it took off.

By the start of 3173, the ProgSoc Review was providing a weekly look into the political and social goings on of Anax One and the Anaiansi System as a whole. It was with the addition of Eileen Xiaobo to their writing pool in April of that year that the ProgSoc Reveiw turned their opinionated personnel on the wider political landscape and drew the attention of the editor of Drifting Asteroid, Jar'gann Yverner, who decided to buy the Review to expand his magazine into a multi-publication organisation.