Prosper Trudeau
Prosper Trudeau by SemperMortem
Class Warrior
Race Human
Homeworld Cabral
Other Attributes
Hit Points 21
Level 4
Experience 9,875 / 16,000
Strength 13
Dexterity 16 (+1)
Constitution 8
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Charisma 11

Prosper Trudeau is a character played by Steven "Silent0siris" Lumpkin. Married to Robert Trudeau.

Equipment Edit


  • Woven Body Armour Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Woven body armor is composed of assorted composites, plastics, and ceramic inserts. While bulky and cumbersome, it is effective armor under most circumstances and the armor of choice for tech level 3 worlds.
  • Laser Rifle Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - Laser pistols and laser rifles are the most common type of energy weapon. The phased multi-frequency beam is capable of penetrating any ordinary mist or haze, but a thick cloud of thermally-resistant particulate matter such as ash or sand can seriously degrade the beam.
  • Sniper Rifle Expression error: Unexpected < operator. - A heavy sniper rifle, has a high chance of killing an enemy with one shot, or at the very least inflicting heavy damage.

Other gearEdit

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  • He comes from the planet Cabral. Tall, lithe, and well built, but not exceptionally so. Prosper has a very open face with short cropped dark hair combed back and does not wear glasses. He has a heavy French accent (although he uses french-Canadian swears) and his military standing in The Order of Annunciation as of the latest information is that of a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Prosper left being an active member of The Order of Annunciation to join the crew, in order to befriend and supervise Pi. Gained the title of Prophet of Annihilation after letting the Warmind obliterate Andoni. Tried to beat Howard in a game of tactics, failing miserably. The rest of the Crew has an uneasy relationship with him, as they feel he may betray them for Pi. This has even gone as far as Wilbur Higgins III attacking Prosper.
  • Class Special Ability: Veteran's Luck
    • Once per fight, the player character can evade an attack that would have normally hit them.

Before Joining the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

  • What you were: Unknown
  • What you are: Templar
    • Most modern worlds have worked out an acceptable modus vivendi among their various religions, one in which all can coexist peacefully. Not all worlds are so fortunate. For whatever reason, some religions find it necessary to train “holy warriors” for their cause, either to defend the faithful or scourge the unbeliever.

After Leaving the Crew of the Swan SongEdit

Skills Edit

Combat/Energy Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Use of high-tech weaponry that relies on energy emissions such as lasers or plasma.
Combat/Projectile Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Use of mechanically-powered weaponry such as crossbows, pistols, rifles, and the like.
Culture/Cabral Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
Knowledge Cabral's society, government, tech level, and laws.

Culture/World: This specialty must be taken individually for each specific world, and relates to knowledge of that world’s society, government, tech level, and laws. Level 0 in this skill also grants basic proficiency in that world’s most common language if the character is not already proficient in it.

Culture/Traveller Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
This skill is unique in that it can only be taken at level 0 and cannot be raised. It can substitute for any other planet’s Culture skill, however, and represents a casual, basic knowledge of many different worlds. This skill is useless on worlds that have been completely cut off from interstellar contact. Traveller skill grants no linguistic proficiency.
Perception Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character has keen senses, and is often able to notice details or hidden objects that elude other people
Religion Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is trained in theology and familiar with the more common or notorious religious sects on the surrounding worlds.
Stealth Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character knows how to move silently, conceal their presence in shadows, and avoid notice.
Survival Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is trained in survival techniques for subsisting in hostile environments with minimal supplies. Assuming that the world itself isn’t inimical to human life, they can usually find food and water even in harsh conditions.
Tactics Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
The character is familiar with small unit tactics. They can set up and recognize ambushes, maneuver troops effectively in combat, and set up fighting positions sensibly. In the absence of Tactics skill, Leadership skill tends to produce only glorious defeats.
Tech/Maltech (+1)
Forbidden technology such as bio- or nano-warfare tech, unbraked AI development, or weapons of planetary destruction.

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Notable Feats and KillsEdit

Kill Count Edit

  • 3 Madari Thugs
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