The Psi-Riots, June 3195, were a series of mass protests on Dotta against the government's enlistment and training of MES sufferers in an attempt to create an elite "preaction" force. The Dottan Hegemony was attempting to create a force that could identify and eliminate enemies to the peace before they had made any steps towards the destabilization of their power base.

The Psi-Riots remain the only incident in recent history where the Anti-Psi Front (APF) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Psychics (PETP) were on the same side. This unprecedented show of solidarity came about due to the combination of fear of a psychic police force and horror towards the brutal training techniques of the Dottan Psychic Academy.

In the end, the Riots were only dispersed with the intervention of Fate's Rangers and the Hegemony's promise to stand down any plans for a psychic police force.