The Public transport system on Anax One is run by the Transport Department of Anax One's local government. The transport provided for Anax One's populace is made up of two main components, the Grav-Tram Network and the Underdeck Commuter System. The Grav-Tram Network is similar to planetbound streetcar systems and the Underdeck has been compared to city metro systems, although it only runs single cars around the network rather than trains of them.

In recent times the size of the daytime population of the station has swollen beyond what was planned for, in effect over crowding all available public transport. This has caused a number of the permanent residents of the station to resort to personal transport options.

Grav-Tram Network Edit

The Grav-Tram Network (GTN) was put in place when Anax One was originally built, it was envisioned as the only transport necessary on the station as the initial population of the station in 3039 was only 65,000 and it wasn't even considered until after the inauguration of the station that any of those working for the university would commute. It is now an ageing system with many of the Trams unable to provide enough lift to get off the ground and most of the Transport Department's attention on the continuing success of the UCS it looks like the Grav-Tram Network may be on the verge of collapse.

A small group among the student body are campaigning for the GTN to get a larger cut of the department's funding and among those a few who are taking courses in Grav-Tech and similar are volunteering their time to help maintain what little of the Network that they can.

Underdeck Commuter System Edit

The Underdeck Commuter System (also known as the UCS or simply the Underdeck) is a public metro system serving Anax One. The system serves 37 stations and has 40.2 kilometres of track, 97% of which is under the deck plates of the satellite, taking advantage of the lower gravity below the G-generators. The network comprises 5 lines, and in 3198/99 carried 15.19 million unique passengers.

The system's first tunnels were built just below the surface using the cut and cover method in 3073. Later, a circular tunnel was hung below the deck by struts. The early lines were marketed as the UNDERDECK on maps and signs at around Anax One. The lines are operated by Anax Underdeck Limited (AUL) which is wholly owned by the Transport Department, the statutory corporation responsible for most elements of the transport network on Anax One. As of 3198, 31 per cent of operational expenditure is covered by passenger fares. The low number is explained by a recent decision to make public transport free for students.

Private Spacecraft Edit

Due to overcrowding on both of the current transport systems, many students have resorted to having small personal spacecraft brought aboard the station to allow them to make quick hops across town. This has caused a lot of discussion in both public forums and among different groups as despite their being no current law against it, the station was not built with private transport options in mind.