Radiant Amber spent the period between 3170-76 as one of the most influential spacepsych bands. Making use of their backing vocalist Aine Eavan's level 3 telepathy to connect to their audience's minds to combine their musical talent with an incredibly deep understanding among the crowd of where the band was bringing their lyrics from.

The band took up the cause of many an underprivileged group, campaigning strongly for inclusion and understanding of everyone in society. One of the band's greatest fights was for the banning of tests on MES sufferers, this was particularly important for the band due to the position of their backing vocalist Aine Eavan as one of those expressing these abilities.

The four person team that made up the band fought through, often harsh, criticism by more conservative groups for both the aggressive language used and the often incredibly explicit subject matters of their songs. Chen Bo, the bands holo-synth player, was quoted as saying "Our songs have important messages to convey to society and sometimes the only way to get people to listen to things they don't want to hear is to use language they can't ignore".

Writer and lead singer Eileen Xiaobo left Radiant Amber in 3176, expressing difficulties reconciling the band's commercial success with its anti-establishment ethos. In 3181, the band went on extended hiatus and has since only played a single concert in 3196 as part of Xiaobo's campaign for the presideny of Anaximander University.